Monday, 7 November 2011

Lights Camera....CUPCAKES!

Hey there!

As many will know, we recently had the wonderful opportunity of working with media company
Up Next Studios
who approached us about making a new promo video. We jumped at the chance as we really wanted to create something new that represents what The Kennedy Cupcakes are today and, on looking at their work, we knew it would be of excellent standard.

We had such fun on the filming day and with the help of all our fabulous extras, That Swing Sensation, our friends Johnny Collins and Bernie Sweeney and the Up Next Studios team, we left The Classic Grand that evening super excited about what we'd just achieved!

Although I had a sneaky peek on the day (when I could) and was extremely impressed, I really could not have prepared myself for how wonderful our promo video turned out. WOW!

Director Graham sent an email entitled, "For Lisa's Eyes only" and I squealed with delight as the first shot came up. I couldn't contain my excitement and knew that the Cupcakes would LOVE it just as much as I did.

To mark this special occasion and to thank everyone involved, I managed to set up a premiere at the beautiful Blythswood Sq Hotel and invited all the cast and crew along to view it for the first time.

We such a fab night watching the video, as well as all the fab extras that Graham had put together for us, including a bloopers reel which was hilarious and captured the fun and giggles we had on the day!

We were overwhemled at how many of our extras could come along on the night to share our joy at the new video, all dressing beautifully for the occasion too. Everyone LOVED it and Graham was delighted at receiving his Cupcake award for Best Director! Best Photographer went to the talented Olivia Vitazkova and Best Boy Grip to Andrew Sweeney!

Even the Cupcakes got awards.....afterall they are the STARS! And MY STARS at that!

Thank you to all those involved and to everyone who has taken the time to check out our videos online! Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Cupcake Lisa x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Not just a pretty face! Part 1

Forgive us readers, for we have sinned
It has been 3 weeks since our last blog post!

Ahhh! Gasp! Nooooo! Boooo!
But we do have a good excuse as to why! Promise!!
We've been BUSY BEES!
Yes, su'ree, we 've been dancing all over, from Kinloss to Kirkintilloch and everywhere in between.
As well as shooting our new promo video...eek! Tres exciting!

So, with sooooo much going on,  it's just as well we are all fabulously fit and trained in what we do, as no stamina and a catalogue of injuries just wouldn't do in Cupcake land!

It safe to say that the Cupcake gals were not only chosen for their award winning looks and fabulous personalities, but were hand picked by yours truly for their outstanding dance ability and talent.FACT!

But as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and the dancers you see now have all been working on their dance skills from a young age to get them to the level of professionalism that The Kennedy Cupcakes brand requires! We each come from very different backgrounds in terms of training and dance syles and in addition to our role as Cupcakes, all the girls have an element of dance in their life, always aiming to maintain what they've built on and learn new skills!

And so, FYI, we thought we'd let you into the dancing past and present of each of the Cupcakes, learning just how they acheived their Cupcake status!

Julieann, "I started dancing quite late....Did a small bit of disco in primary but was too shy to go for it. Then at 15 I plucked up the courage to join a theatre group and now you can't get me off the stage. Decided to make dance a career and was awarded a HND Dance Artist in the Community qualification from Telford College, where I discovered a love of contemporary dance" Julieann now teaches and choreogrpahs full time. She is also a Zumba instructor.

Emma, " I started dancing at the age of 7. Following in my sister's footsteps, I joined the local dance school and to this day I'm still there each week, taking class in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz, now an Associate member of the BATD.   In my time as a Cupcake I have found that being in the troupe has inspired me to work extra hard and be the best dancer I can be. If I had to give any tips for dancers, I would say work hard, play hard, be kind to your mind and body and don't ignore an injury. Dancing with a support strap aint a good look!".
Linzi " I joined Clark Theatre School at the age of 3 and completed my first Jazz Art UK tour aged 11. I also performed at the Edinburgh Fring Festival as a youngster. Age 14,  I was awarded a summer scholarship in New York with Alvin Ailey Dance Co. As a teenager, I spent every school holiday at dance workshops! Continuing on into adulthood, I joined my university cheerleading squad and then danced as part of a Pro Dance squad for 5 years travelling the world. And now I'm a Cupcake"

Lisa, " LOVED dance from day dot. I joined my local dance school aged 4, gained several awards from the BATD, including an Associate Membership in Ballet and Modern. Danced professionally in a Pro Dance squad for 4 years and established Centre Stage School of Dance in 2002. I was in post with STDT for 6 years, delivering dance programmes all over Scotland. Recently, I have turned to my passion for choreographing and last year had the pleasure of co-producing a piece for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games' Handover ceremony. Currenly I am choreographing for a Bollywood group heading to Mumbai in early 2012 and ofcourse, for the Cupcakes. Dance in the brain 24/7! "

To be continued....................

Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday's Rule - Eco Friendly Cupcakes

Cupcake Thursday's have been taking quite the ecological slant thanks to Mimi and Kat.
The past 3 rehearsals have turned into a Clothes Swap Shop.

We have found that one Cupcake's trash, is definitely anothers treasure! (we have also found that Mimi buys A LOT of trousers and never wears them... Price tags still on them and all).

Here is Lynne in just one of the dresses she blagged from the haul.

Jules showing off a very glamorous blouse!

Cupcake Lisa and myself also went to a special sale recently held by a Glasgow theatre company who were clearing out their wardrobe department! I got 2 fabby vintage dresses for under £10, what a bargain I hear you say, however Lisa's choice leaves a lot to be desired...

I think she's hoping to wear it to her Tiki birthday party tomorrow!

So we would like to be known as the Most Eco Friendly Dance Troupe.

We share clothes.

We love reusing and recycling vintage clothes.

We always car share.

And I'm pretty sure Lisa washes the costumes at 30 degrees too!

So girlies (and guys) if you have clothes gathering dust in your wardrobe, don't throw them out, throw a party and swap clothes with your friends. You'll have a smashing night and update your wardrobe at the same time. Go on, do your bit for the environment and have a Cupcake style Swap Shop.

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linz

Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday's Rule! Celebrate in Style!

It's F F F F FRIDAY again already! And the Cupcakes are looking forward to a rare weekend off! 

We LOVE performing and attending so many fabulous events but it's always nice to get the oppor-chancity to re-charge the batteries and spend time out of rollers, red lippy and our 40s get-up!

And what a perfect weekend to have off! 
We'll be celebrating a few milestones and achievements in Cupcake style of course.

Firstly, our International Cupcake, Evette is 30years old on Saturday! 

No!!!??? I hear you cry! 
Yip, she is defying time we know, but alas, she is gonna be the big 3-0!

Sadly she's not choosing to spend her birthday in Sunny Scotland (heaven knows why?!) but will be in safe hands of her bestie, Dawn Marie (our costumier) and her mates, as they fly out to get the party started in Amsterdam! 
And boy do that bunch know how to party! 
We send Eva all our love and hugs and we can't wait to see her soon!

Then, it's MY BIRTHDAY on Sunday! 
Not quite at the big 30 stage yet! I'll be wined (well, actually cranberry juiced!) and dined on Saturday by Hubby and then we're hitting Cupcake Emma's Charity ZUMBATHON in aid of The Samaritans!

I like how on my birthday I'm still managing to end up doing 4 hours of exercise!!!! Love it! Cupcakes Emma and Julieann will be teaching at it and we'll be in front row giving it hee-haw!

So, I think you should get your butts along and help us celebrate my birthday shakin' your touche! Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Sunday 11am-3pm! Do it! You know it makes sense!

Soooooooooo all in all, we aint doing much this weekend, NAWT!

Afterall, Cupcakes who play together....stay together!

Over and out

Lis x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Love is a many-splendored thing!

Aaaaaaaannd CHILL!

What a whirlwind of a few weeks we've had! So many fabulous events we've nearly lost count! The Kennedy Cupcakes have been out in force entertaining audiences all over Scotland. Kirkintilloch to Glasgow, Blair Atholl to Paisley...we've travelled all over and have enjoyed every minute as always!

Aside from Cupcake Emma and Kelly's nuptials this summer, it really has been Wedding Fever for the Cupcakes, with 4 weddings to perform at in the last week!

On Friday, Cupcakes Linzi, Julieann and I set off for Blair Atholl near Pitlochry to entertain Kim and Stefan's guests during their drinks reception at Blair Castle.

WOW, what a venue! So much to look at and take in. Our dressing room was noneother than the castle library which was stacked with books from floor to ceiling.
Very Cluedo-esque we thought! Jules was a tad freaked and asked if Linzi and I were "finding it hard to breathe in here?". Nooooo Jules we're fine thanks! Bless!

 Antlers, vintage crockery antiques, swords and tartan covered every available space and each room had so much character! Wish we had more time to explore! Must return!

 As out of this world as it was, the venue in no way outshone the bride who was simply stunning! A bride who has two wedding dresses has just so much style, she has to really show off on her big day!

We particularly loved the centre pieces-huge stripey hat boxes filled with flowers and pearls!

Kim and Stefan's guests were so welcoming and LOVED our 1940s set, joining in on a little Cupcake Stroll working up an appetite before dinner! Awesome!

On Saturday The Kennedy Cupcakes were rrrrreally out in force with TWO seperate troupes out performing!

Cupcakes Julieann, Linzi, Carol and I were Blythswood Square bound, as Cupcakes Lynne, Emma, Kat and Kelly headed for Paisley Town Hall. What a night that was to prepare for...with all our costumes, props etc to prep in advance!

As the "Paisley" Cupcakes got Nicola and Kieran's guests in the mood with their 1940s sailor set (with Cupcake Kelly making her debut on stage!), the "Blythswood Sq Hotel" Cupcakes were getting Angela and Michael's friends and family up onto the dancefloor for a boogie!

Our talented chums, That Swing Sensation played live for Kelly, Kat, Lynne and Emma and got the night in full swing as the Cupcakes served tea cakes, toffee bars and other treats to everyone in our new usherette trays!

Carol, Jules, Linzi  and I enjoyed getting ready in the gorgeous the honeymoon suite (YES!) and were overwhelmed with how lovely and kind the bride Angela was. So down to earth and super fun, she really did make our night!

And then it was home time!

Awwwww we really do LOVE a wedding here at Cupcake HQ, so it's just as well we have more booked this year! Woo hoo!

That's amore for ya!

Lis x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Keeping it Real!

As you all know The Kennedy Cupcakes are renowned for their Red Nails and Red lips. See Linzi sporting both...

But... did you know 1940’s nails looked somewhat different from our nails today?
Having done a little research (google) I’ve found out that…
A) Red was not the only popular colour (Lisa I will be wearing red, it’s my favourite, I don’t care what anyone says!!)  That green, brown, navy blue, even black (which is very ‘in’ just now) were all popular colours! And that it was common the wear nail polish which co-ordinated with your outfit.
And B) That the Nail polish was applied leaving out a half moon and often with a silver/white sliver at the tip.
Panic not though, Rita Hayworth sported some fully painted nails in the 40’s too “phew”
I’ve included some attempts of mine at achieving this look… yet to try the sliver at the tip.

I even treated my Mum to some 1940’s glam!

Hope you have lots of fun missing out your half moons! I have even found the perfect shade for our new outfits! Very exciting!

Happy nail painting!

Lots of love with cherries on top, Cupcake Carol xxx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Mulvey Wedding - Millenium Hotel, Glasgow

The Cupcakes were very honoured to be invited to perform at the evening reception of Louise and Derek Mulvey.

It makes a gig even easier when it is in beautiful surroundings such as the Millenium Hotel in George Square, Glasgow.

The bride and groom thoroughly enjoyed their day and we even got the bride and some of her guests up to join us on the dance floor for a Cupcake Stroll!

A stroll around Glasgow would have had you confused though, you would have sworn you were in the U.S... Philadelphia to be exact.

You can just make out some of the American street furniture for the World War Z movie!

Boss Lisa, Cupcake Jules and Cupcake Carol were clearly moonlighting as a SWAT team!

Brad did phone to meet up, but we never double book ourselves so we had to politely decline... Maybe another time Mr Pitt, we Cupcakes, are busy gals!

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linz

p.s. be sure to check back in with the blog this week as we report on our 3 other gigs from this weekend, yes 4 gigs in total... A Cupcake Marathon!
Tea dance at Celtic Park, Kirkintilloch Canal Festival and The Corinthian's 1st Birthday!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday's Rule! Be a Charitable Cupcake!

As many of you will know, here at Cupcake HQ we like to be able to help others whenever possible and have organised and hosted 3 fabulous Forties inspired evenings, along with our friends at That Swing Sensation Big Band, in support of Help of Heroes, The Army Benevolent Fund and most recently, The Mark Wright Project. 

We get great satisfaction from raising funds for deserved causes, as well as, helping to raise awareness of the work they do. Of course we couldn't do it without the help of our friends, family and fans who come along and support our chosen charities too! 

 Aside from our fundraising efforts as a troupe, the Cupcakes gals individually like to help others too! And Cupcake Emma is all set (from returning from her Med Cruise honeymoon) to host a ZUMBATHON in support of The Samaritans!

 Registration is from 10:30am and the first instructor will set the day off with a bang at 11am sharp! Tickets are £10

Around 2 people take their own lives every day in Scotland. In 2009, 746 people died by suicide, and it is the leading cause of death in 18-34 year olds. North Lanarkshire had the 4th highest suicide rate in Scotland in 2009, with approximately one person every week taking their own life. 

Samaritans is a confidential emotional support service for anyone in the UK and Ireland. The service is available 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.
Emma says "It is through the Zumba Fitness program that promotes health, wellbeing and community, that we can raise awareness and challenge the stigma of suicide and mental health. We are very passionate about the cause and are so excited about organising a positive and enlightening event- exercise, keeping fit, being well, speaking with others, meeting new people, working together and being creative can give someone a very valid reason to live life fully, and a Zumbathon charity event in my opinion is the way to communicate this message. Although suicide can be a sad subject, it is very real and we want to inject the word 'suicide' into our vocabulary so that we can all start helping the people closest to us who may be struggling"

Please contact Emma through our Facebook or at for information and tickets

Us Cupcake gals will be there, celebrating Cupcake Lisa's birthday in style with some booty shakin' for sure!

Please come along and help support a wonderful cause!

Peace out! 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

All Things Cupcake

Hey All! Its Cupcake Carol here - doing my first blog! So be kind!

Obviously to be a Kennedy Cupcake you must love all things 1940's and 1950's but MOST importantly all things CUPCAKE!

I am quite taken with my new Cupcake jammies...

And as Im sure you can imagine us Cupcakes love buying all things Cupcake and love receiving Cupcake gifts!

I even have a small All Things Cupcake Shrine in my bedroom...

Here is a gift purchased for my Mum, again note the Cupcake....

However my most obscure All Things Cupcake object would have to be....

My Cupcake HANDWARMERS!! Thats right, Cupcake Handwarmers! Now you may laugh, but I can asssure you being based in Scotland these work a right treat!

Now can anyone find a more obscure All Things Cupcake object?!?!?!?

Lots of Love with cherries on top!

Cupcake Carol xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Calling All Cupcake Clevers!

Toot toot... There is soon to be a new Cupcake mobile on the road!

Now here's your Monday night challenge... I would like you to name my new car and I'll choose my favourite!

I have just bought my first, brand spanking, new wheels! So new it doesn't even have a registration number yet!

It will match Boss Lisa's perfectly and if anyone from Fiat is reading, I'm sure the other Cupcakes would welcome a sponsorship deal so we could have a fleet of cute 500's!

Go on, let us know your best suggestions on Facebook or Twitter, get your thinking caps on!

And of course it wouldn't be a Monday without a 'Crazy' from our very own Calamity Carol...
Who last week drove to training, parked her lovely car (also a Fiat btw) and was all ready to dance until she realised a very obvious problem, she had driven to our old gym... A gym we haven't been to for well over a year!

Now go, name that car!

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linzi
x x x

Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday's Rule! Keep Up with The Cupcakes!

Hey there peeps!
It's been a whole week since we last blogged....sincere apologies but we do have a good excuse! Promise!

Here at Cupcake HQ, we've had heeps of lovely enquiries to attend to! Yippee!

From weddings to award ceremonies, this Autumn is set to be a busy one for us!

 Summer 2011 has proven to be a fun-filled adventure.

And it looks like August is set to be busy month for us too...with 3 events in the one day!
Here's just some of the events we'll be performing at!

Tuesday 16th August- The Riverman Appeal Launch, George's Sqaure, Glasgow, 12 noon onwards

Saturday 27th August- Wedding, Glasgow

Sunday 28th August- Kirkintilloch Canal Festival, on stage 2.30pm onwards
                                  -British Heart Foundation Tea Dance, Celtic Park

                                  - The Corinthian's 1st Birthday Party, Glasgow

We are also gearing up for our new promo video shoot too, which we'd love YOU to be involved with! More details to follow!

Toodle pip for now x

Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday's Rule!! Drum Roll Please!!

This Friday's Rule is an extra special one indeed.

Drum Roll Please!

Ta Da!
We'd like you to welcome our newest Cupcake!!!!!!

Meet Cupcake KELLY!!!
Aint she a doll?!
We are delighted to welcome the beautiful Kelly as our 9th Cupcake in to the mix!
A stunning girl and an outstanding dancer who we are thrilled to have on board the SS Cupcake!

She's been secretly attending rehearsals for a while and has already nailed two routines.
Kelly's first photo shoot as a Cupcake

We wanted to "out" Kelly today as next week she'll be joining Cupcake Emma as a newlywed, when she marries her man, Ally! The Cupcake gals will be there in their finest to celebrate with them! Photos to follow.

Kelly is loving life in Cupcake Land so far and is all set for her first gig in September on returning from her honeymoon!
Cupcake Kelly

So Friday's Rule is......WELCOME Cupcake Kelly! xxxx