Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cupcakes and their Fairycakes!

The Cupcakes, as most of you know, have very busy lives!

We have full time jobs, weekly gigs and rehearsals and that can leave us with very little time for much else. (Our Mug-cakes forget what we look like sometimes).

So we love nothing more than meeting up on an unofficial capacity when we're not being 'Cupcakes'. And we did just that today.

The Cupcake Aunties met for coffee and cake, which was just an excuse for a snuggle with some very adorable and well behaved cuties. We are very lucky to be blessed with a mini cuppcake, or as Mimi put it, a fairy cake! Stunning Kat has her gorgeous bundle in the form of Fairycake Jessica.

And our lovely friend Hazel joined us with her beautiful, bouncing boy, Devon. Although Devon wasn't so much, bouncing, as he was, horizontal. He spent most of the afternoon reclined on his back like he was on a sun lounger in St Tropez, he was the most chilled out baby, EVER! Both babies had massive grins and were just happy to be the centre of attention, until both got bored of our chat and decided it was time for a snooze. Jessica even had her dance tutu on, a real Cupcake in the making!

We did look like a mother and toddler group, with huge buggies, bags galore, toys strewn all around us, dummies being chucked left right and centre and lots of 'oooh-ing' and 'aaah-ing'! (and that was just to keep the Cupcakes amused.)

So not only do the Cupcakes sing and dance, we now offer a creche service!

We can't wait till we can dress up Fairycake Jessica like a true Cupcake... How cute!!

Photo: Treasure Box kids

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