Thursday, 7 April 2011

Da-do Run Run Run...

Hola Bloggers!

Cupcake Mimi here! Quite excited about my first post on The Kennedy Cupcakes' official Blog, Keeping Up With The Cupcakes (have to resist spelling that with a K!), so here goes...

As you may or may not know, us Cupcakes rehearse every Thursday night at the lovely Esporta in Hamilton, and always have a hoot doing so. However, as many of us are involved in the fitness and dance-instruction world, we like to keep fit outside of our weekly hootananays. Many of us also attend weird and wonderful fitness classes just for fun, with Cupcake Eva attending classes in Aerial Silks! After a while your body gets used to whatever exercise you're doing and you have to up your game.

SO, Cupcake Lisa (my sister) and I decided last year that we would start running on a regular basis, and our decision was further influenced by the fact that The Kennedy Cupcakes were made the official face of the Ignis Management Ladies 10k last year. So with much enthusiasm we decided that every Friday after work, we would go a run, varying from 30 minutes to over an hour. "Anyway," we thought, "how hard could it be, it's just walking but, like, really fast, right?" WRONG.

Our first route took us from my humble abode through Bellshill town centre. "Brilliant" we thought, for what seemed like a 5 mile run. Little did we know that it was a mere 2 miles in total.

There we were, in the Cupcake Mobile, driving the route one night, watching Lisa's mileage counter, eagerly awaiting for that we digital number to transform from a 0 to a 1. It (finally) happened, but we were nearly home. With baited breath we crossed our fingers and everything else, willing the clock to show us a 2. It did. Eventually. Right outside my front door. Literally. There was no doubt about it. Our 'successful' run was a mesely 2miles.

Not defeated, we decided to up our game once more and after many pinching knees, stitches and twinging ankles, we have finally found a route that suits. This perfect route also happens to be over 6 miles in length. Over 3 times our original route. Deary me.

We have however managed to stick to our plan, and had a very successful run last Friday. Albeit a wet one. Leggings were wrung out, baseball caps were left to dry on the radiator, but we did it! And even more fantastically, our only complaint was that our bodies were sore but our lungs were not. We had achieved our goal; up the fitness regime but don't kill yourself in the process.

We are now avid runners, so if you do happen to see us trotting along the road tomorrow (Friday) morning in the Bellshill/Motherwell area, please wave and shout encouraging things at us. Do not, however, offer us a lift. We're keen on running, but not that keen.

Love ya!

Mimi x

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