Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Devil's In The Details..

Hi all!

Cupcake Mimi here!

The more astute of you may have noticed that my blog entries tend to be uploaded on the darker side of midnight, meaning (rather inconveniently) my brain wakes up and likes to get creative late at night. This doesn't mean I have insomniac tendancies, nor am I implying that only some of you are astute; followers of The Kennedy Cupcakes have a natural charm and elegance, don't you agree?

Aaaanyway, the reason why I am blogging is to ask all you beady-eyed shoppers out there to let us know where you might find the cheapest deal on Union Jack bunting, as we require miles of it to ensure our next event on the 22nd really looks the part.

What with the Royal wedding approaching (the week after our 1940s do as it happens...Wills n Kate kindly didn't clash events with us) there seems to be an abundance of said bunting in card shops etc, but if anyone spots a particularly excellent deal then please get in touch. The one to beat is £1.89 for 12ft from the Bay of E. Go on, beat it, I dare you.

There's a prize for the winner (...pride).

Mimi xxx

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