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How to...get Cupcake hair!

Hi friends!

Cupcake Mimi here, hope you are all very excited about our 1940's do...tomorrow night!!

As requested by our lovely Facebook friend Kathryn Smith, here is a wee description of some of the hairstyles I have chosen over the past 2 years when transforming myself into a glorious Cupcake!

Your basic toolkit should consist of the following: sponge rollers (of varying sizes), a good strong gel spray, hairspray, kirbies, bobbles, and a hair rat (all will be explained later!)

Style 1: 1940s curls- simple

Putting rollers in the night before an event is always a good way of ensuring the curls don't drop, but if you can't do this, putting them in 6 hours in advance should get you a good result, depending on your hair type.

I wash my hair (no conditioner)and put PLENTY of mousse in it before drying (and by 'plenty' I mean around 6 tennis ball-sized amounts). I have quite long hair, so the shorter it is, the more likely your curls will hold, thus the less mousse you'll need. Please note: Just rough dry it, brushing through as you go.

Once the hair is dry, I separate a small front section like a side fringe. I tie the rest of my hair back with a bobble in a pony tail at the nape of my neck. Using the smallest rollers, I take sections about an 3/4 inch wide and I roller my pony tail. Spritz each section from root to tip with agel spray before you roller. I can use anything up to 25 rollers for this part, it's entirely up to you. As our routines can be quite demanding, and can render you quite sweaty, the more rollers the better as it means the curls are firmer. Please note, when putting the rollers in, ensure you start with the roller on top of the section of hair, not underneath it. Putting it below means the curl will curl under and with this style, it looks better if the curls travels up the way.

Once you have rollered the whole pony tail, you take that front section of hair and put a larger roller in it. I usually place the roller so this section of hair sits like a fringe, rather than rolling it away from my face, as it creates height in the root, but it actually works both ways.

Now, we wait. Rollering hair this way means that you can sleep quite comfortably if you put them in at night, or you can wrap your rollered pony tail up on a scarf so you can go about your daily business.

Either in the morning, or after a good few hours, you can take the rollers out one at a time, starting at the nape of the neck and working up. Give them a light spritz of hairspray after you take out each one. Then take our your bobble. Here, it's up to you what you do now. I usually tease out the curls with my fingers, place a kirbie behind each ear and brush out the front curl, or you can brush out all your curls for a fuller look. If you're doing this look, the secret is to keep brushing. Your curls will naturally lose some of their bounce, but don't be afraid if you start to resemble a means that you haven't brushed enough. Keep brushing until your mass of frizz turns into a smoother wave. You can smooth over the curls with a little serum and some hairspray. This look leaves you with smooth straight-ish hair at the root and a 1940s curl or wave from the midlengths to the end. If you want, you can roller your hair from the root, but it can be harder to tame.

Copy the links into your URL bar for a video by Fleur de Guerre:

Style 2: The Shirley Temple

Using the same prep as before, you roller dry hair, spritzing each section with gel spray, but your oll right to the root (no pony tail). Start at the front of the head and work back. You'll need lots of rollers for this!

Put a shower cap on (seriously) and go to sleep, or don't leave the house for a few hours. In the morning, or after a few hours, take each roller out again starting at the nape of the neck and working up, spritzing with hair spray. Separate the curls A LITTLE as you go. How, you basically kirbie the curls up so they get shorter. There's no real method to this, just go with whatever looks right. The end result should be a Shirley Temple style mass of curls, or if your curls are larger, a Marylin Monroe style. You can also opin the curls so they remain a little longer, like a short curly bob. Obviously, if your hair is already short you don't have to do any of this, just separate the curls and fix with hairspray.

Style 3: The Bettie Page

Video by Fleur de Guerre- an icon of a woman!

As with style 1, it's about curling your pony tail but this time don't leave a front section out. After a few hours, take out the rollers and bobble as before, but starting from one side of your forehead, trace with your finger a horse shoe shape travellingt back towards your crown and then forward towwards the other side of your forehead. Take this section of hair and brush out (you can clip back the remaining curls out of the way). This is where your hair rat comes in.

Get one of those bun rings that matches your hair colour and cut it so you are left with a sausage shape. Get out a needle and threat and sew up the ends so it's neater (you don't have to be precious with this). This is a hair rat (you can make your own with a hairnet and the hair you collect from your hairbrush...a bit yuck if you ask me!)

Brush that section of hair forward and use the hair rat like a roller. As you see it, place the hair rat on the side nearest you of this section of hair and roll up (so your hair rolls forward). Roll it as tight as you can (this is harder for those of us with fringes, layers, feathers etc). Once you reach the top, curl each end of the hair rat back the way to create a 'U' shape and fix with kirbies. Spread the hair out over the hair rat so you can't see it and kirbie away any loose bits of hair. There you have it, a Bettie Page style fringe! Just brush out the rest of the curls and fix with hairspray.

Copy the links to the videos into your URL bar for visual demonstrations...I would say these are the easiest ones for the novice (some are MUCH harder!). There is one on how to create Victory rolls (Cupcake Julieann is immense at this) but I have still to master this as of yet!

Fleur de Guerre:

Hope you all have a fabulous time preeening yourselves...excited to see you all tomorrow night!

Mimi xxx

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