Saturday, 14 May 2011

Friday's Rule!!!

New 'regular feature' alert!!!!!!!

OK, Fridays rule... Fact!
The last day of the week does rule, obviously. 
End of a tough week and start of the glorious weekend, blah blah blah...

But each and every Friday the Cupcakes will be bringing you 'Friday's Rule'!
We will be letting you in on our secret rituals, 
which we like to call 'The Rules'!

And we are starting with Thee most important...

***** Rule #1 *****
Smile! And no one looks at your pants!

Exhibit A - Carol smiling

Our routines are high kicking, fast turning, sharp shifting numbers 
and more often than we care to think of, our skirts lift higher than our spirits!
 At this point we should definitely point out that Rule 1.1 is ALWAYS wear your hotpants.

Exhibit B - We promise Eva is wearing hotpants and is definitely smiling in the above picture!

Rule #1 came about after an unfortunate gig last Summer.
Don't fret, the gig was fantastic and our dancing went down a treat but...
after coming off stage, I, Cupcake Linzi, realised the stunned looks on the faces of some audience members were not because my awesome dancing had left them unbelievably awestruck...
I had indeed forgotten to wear my hotpants!!!
Oh. The. Shame.
My face went the same colour as my hair.

So today I still swear by the sentiment, smile and no one looks at your pants.
That is why it has made it into the Cupcakes Official Rule book 
which you will get a glimpse of, each and every Friday you lucky things.

So remember, Smile and no one looks at your pants....

Well sometimes!!!

Toodle pip Cupcake fans.
Cupcake Linzi x

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