Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mayday Mayday!

Ahoy there Mateys!

The SS Cupcake has set sail and we're steering towards a busy summer! Never ones to rest on our laurels, we like to ensure that we keep our audiences entertained with new routines, new costumes and some little surprises along the way!

Following the success of our first "sailor" routine, I, as Captain of the ship, decided the latest Cupcake routine should be a tap-tastic part deux, with the Cupcakes getting the chance to break in their Christmas pressies from me....new tap shoes!

The choreography is coming along nicely and sounding AWESOME and in one Thursday night rehearsal brain wave, Cupcake Linzi and I agreed that another "prop" would add something to this routine! Until we realised......... IT ACTUALLY AINT THAT EASY TO FIND!!!!

So, this is where you guys come in! 

We are looking for ROPE! Yes, rope. Not skipping ropes (although I did toil with the idea but thought taps and skipping ropes may land us in casualty!) and not rope to tow your car, sadly.
We need THICK rope.....like this...

Can you help??? As B&Q can't, that's for sure!

 If you can, please email us at thekennedycupcakes@yahoo.co.uk or Facebook us! We'd be ever so grateful!

In the meantime, the Cupcakes will struggle on learning the ropes, using dish towels, scarves and anything they can find to do the job until you can steer us in the right direction!

Thanks me hearties!
Lisa x

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