Thursday, 5 May 2011

Puttin' on the BLITZ!

Let it never be said that The Kennedy Cupcakes don't know how to throw a party! On Friday 22nd April, teaming up with our favourite big band, That Swing Sensation, we hosted our third 1940's inspired bash at the Alona Hotel Strathclyde Park, Puttin' on the Blitz! With the stunning banqueting suite draped in union jack bunting, WW2 flags and propaganda posters, all the room needed was some well turned out guests to fill it....and boy did we get some?! Everyone looked amazing and had went to such effort to dress for the occasion. Here's the boys from the Western Desert Recce Group and some glam gals!

With a packed ball room, it was show time and we kick started the night with a cracking routine to In the Mood, with the wonderful That Swing Sensation playing live for us! From then on, the dance floor was never empty, with our guests taking full opportunity to boogie the night away. We continued to perform throughout the evening, delighted the audience with a variety of 40s inspired routines and ofcourse, our fabulous outfits.

As with the previous events we have hosted, we aimed to raise funds for a charity and on this occasion we'd chosen to support The Mark Wright Project We were delighted and honoured to learn a few days before the event that 3 representatives from the charity would be coming...indeed, it was Mark's parents who came along on what would have been Mark's 32 birthday. What an emotional evening that would have been for them and we are truly grateful that they chose to spend it with us, supporting our efforts for their special cause.

We had alot of help in raising funds for the charity. On our Blitz Street we had vendors such as Sweet Peacock and our beauty sponsor, Nicola at Me Time Beauty (Hairlines, Motherwell). The stands looked amazing and our guests were delighted at getting the opportunity to treat themselves on the night! Here's Nicola looking fabulous with her Cupcake-alicious stand!

We also had table sponsors on the evening, all choosing to support the charity. We'd like to say a huge thank you to:
Rock til U Drop, Rangers Media, ISS, Cup Couture, The Lithuanian Club, John Clark Funeral Services, Little Deva, Miss Dixie Belle, C & M Removals, Tunnocks and Fresh Entertainments.

Our raffle prizes were something else and we had soooo many! Thanks to all who donated! Here's the lovely Mimi waiting in the wings for one of the winners!

So, how much did we raise for The Mark Wright Project? Drum roll, please...drrrrrrrrrrrr

A whopping £1351! WOW!

What a team effort it was to put on such a spectacular event. The Cupcakes arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed at 10am to dress the room. My mum ran around the entire evening keeping things ticking over as I performed. Hubby Robert was on hand at the end of the evening to load up cars and undress the room, with fellow Mug cakes James, Martin and Gerry (Linzi calls them Mugcakes...not beacuse they are gullable but beacuse we are CUPcakes and so they must be MUGcakes. Get it???). Jon and Mary for That Swing Sensation also had a job of setting up the band and keeping the technical side of things in check and Emma's fiance Martin was named official photographer of the evening. I can only thank them from the bottom of my heart for their continued support. Love you all!

We also had the lovely amd talented Jenna Young taking photos on the night. Love the pic below!

So Puttin' on the Blitz was a resounding success and as we delve into a busy summer the brain starts to tick away at what our next event will be. GoooooooooooooCUPCAKES!

Lisa x

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