Friday, 6 May 2011


As you'll have already guessed, The Kennedy Cupcakes is made up of a talented bunch of gals who are not only super dancers and beautiful peeps inside and out, but ladies who have many strings to their bow! Teachers, accountants, business owners, university researchers....The Kennedy Cupcakes are a busy bunch! And Miss Slamin (aka Cupcake Linzi) is no exception, proving she has a beautiful singing voice at our latest Forties bash, Puttin' on the Blitz!

Cupcake Emma and I, being sisters, have sung together from an early age and had performed as a duet at previous Cupcake events. But we felt that a 3 part harmony would bring the songs of The Andrew Sisters and alike, to life. We had to look no further than our own Wee Red, Linzi, to add that touch of sparkle (and a very difficult bass part!)to our numbers!

In preparation for Puttin' on the Blitz we arranged a few rehearsals at Cupcake HQ, the first being very productive, getting us rather excited about the prospect of performing together. We attempted two songs and left with various iPhone recordings of our parts to practice. It was, however, during rehearsal number 2 that we stumbled across a slight hurdle, as hubby Robert voiced his annoyance at the constant, slightly agonizing repetition of an extremely difficult section of The Chatanooga Choo Choo! He did in fact sing down to us from the bedroom "I'M GETTING BORED OF THE CHATANOOGA CHOO CHOO!" a perfect key and with gusto I might add! The boy did us proud! It was following that, that we decided to ditch that song and concentrate on others that weren't going to get me thrown out of my own home!

So, in true Cupcake flair, Linzi, Emma and I took the floor on Fri 22nd April as The Kennedy Cupcake trio and gave a super performance of Bie Mir Bist du Schon, accompanied by That Swing Sensation, with choreography and everything! A nervous Miss Slamin NAILED her first gig and we came off stage feeling pretty darn proud of ourselves! We are now working on more material and looking forward to the next rehearsal...when Robert is night shift!

Be sure to check out the video on our Facebook page!

Over and out!

Lisa x

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