Monday, 13 June 2011

Cupcake Crazies! Carol's Cow Confusion!

Photo credit: Soda Pop comics

Monday is a rubbish way to spend 1/7th of your life so in order to clear the Monday blues we thought we would share some Cupcake craziness.
From daft musings, to silly pictures, each week we will be bringing you a little sprinkle of cakey goodness to cheer up your start to the week.

We are all smart, educated, switched on, young women but when we let our guard down, boy... can we be dizzy!

And to start us off we are starting with an absolute corker
from our very own Calamity Cupcake, Carol...

She looks intelligent enough I hear you say,
well, please, by all means,
read on and be ready to eat your words!


Whilst driving to a job in a very rural setting, we passed lots of busy fields.
We were admiring the view and Carol tells us about her Uncles farm she used to visit as a child.

We continue our journey appreciating the acres of lush green grass
full of cute lambs, cuddly sheep and ambling cows minding their own business.
Suddenly Carol shrieks in amazement and makes us all look into one of the fields.
"Oh My God, look at those cows, they're huge!"
"Yeah I suppose," I reply.
"No, I swear they are giant, like genetically modified or something, like proper humongous!!!"
"No Carol, they're kind of normal"
"Nope, those cows are abnormally huge, cows are only the size of labradors."

"Yeah, they're really big, cows are like the size of a dog"

I sighed. "No Carol. Those cows you saw were just far away!
All cows are actually that size!"

What's worrying is she was being serious and she was genuinely educated that day!

Photo credit: Channel 4

Proper Father Ted moment Carol.

Although I shouldn't have been surprised,
this is from the same Cupcake who thought
Gary Lineker got his endorsement job
with Walkers because his name rhymed with vinegar!!

More to come next Monday!
Cupcake Linzi

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