Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dads...We Salute You!

Hello troops!

Cupcake Mimi here. While the other Cupcakes are strutting their 1940s (and 50s) stuff at today's Glasgow Mela, I am at home relaxing before I get ready for a non-Cupcake event and feeling very thankful for all the Dads in the world!

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Dads are great, aren't they? I'm sure all of our Cupcake Dads had to endure years of driving us to dance classes (Cupcake Lisa and I started at the ages of 3 and 6 respectively), paying for dance classes, looking enthusiastic and interested at every dance display, and telling you, quite genuinely, that your dances were the best in the show and so on.

Our Dads have been fairly silent supporters of our hobbie-turned semi-profession for years and on this Fathers' Day, The Kennedy Cupcakes say, " We salute you all, Dads!".

So if you have a Dad that has been pretty great to you, then make sure you say "thank you" today! I mean, how do they manage running all of those businesses (Bank of Dad, Dad's Taxis, Dad and Co Painter and Decorators etc)?!

Got my wee Dad a box of choccies and a T-Shirt that says "Dads Rock". They most definitely do!

Mimi xxx

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