Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday's Rule!!! By Invitation Only!

Friday's Rule #5
It's not what you know. It's who you know!

This couldn't be a more fitting quote for the Cupcakes. 
Boss Lisa had an idea... 
she luckily had 3 talented friends and an equally talented sister... 

A special invitation later and
voila, The Kennedy Cupcakes were baked and ready to roll!

Original Line Up - Spring 2009

With more and more gigs being booked, 
another Cupcake was soon needed.

Luckily, Lisa had another very  talented 
(not to mention gorgeous) friend.
Kat received the very special invitation. 
THE call!
Would she join the line up and be an official Kennedy Cupcake?

 Of course Katrina was delighted and became Cupcake number 6!

A few months down the line and more gigs are rolling in.
The Cupcakes are having to turn down requests
 due to the increasing number of events 
and a serious lack of Cupcakes.

Cue another addition to the line up. 
(We're like the Sugababes, except we like each other)

This time I was the lucky one to get THE call.
Obviously, I jumped at the invitation! 
Right out of a Christmas present no less!
Don't say Santa wasn't good to you ladies.

7 Cupcakes now, festive period over, 2nd Birthday bash had, 
lots of money raised for charity and yet more gigs coming in and... 
Cupcake Kat is expecting her fairycake!

Yikes, Lisa's on the blower yet again with another special invitation.
(OK, it's not as impressive as the Batman symbol in the sky, 
or as mysterious as Charlie calling the Angels, 
but once you get it, believe me, it's an exciting phone call none the less)

And this time Cupcake Lynne gets THE call.

Photo Credit: Joseph Adams

And now here we are, months later and we have 2, sometimes 3 gigs, in the one weekend.

You know what that means... someone could be getting THE call!

But we don't take just anyone.
Cupcake Lisa must know, trust and love you in order for her to even contemplate
 adding you to our Cupcake recipe.
And that's the way we like it, so much so, we've made it a rule!

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linzi
x x x

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