Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday's Rule!!! Scouts Honour!

Friday's Rule #6
Always be prepared!

This is really Lisa's rule. She takes 2 of everything... everywhere... just in case!!!
Yes she is prepared but we will need sherpas to help us carry our stuff to gigs.

Photo credit: Judy Chee Photography
And you thought the suitcases were just for show.

Spare dresses, reserve props, extra kirbies, surplus hats,
backup hotpants, superfluous sailor suits, optional gloves...
A Sat Nav, map and a compass for emergencies and
multiple CD's, iPod, cassette and an LP (you know, just in case)!

It is a very sensible trait but Cupcake Mimi took the rule too far.
At Belladrum Festival last year, she actually packed 2 left feet!!!

So when you see a poor Cupcake struggling with a load of bags and umpteen costumes,
please stop and offer your assistance,
we're probably carrying the kitchen sink!

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linzi 
x x x

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