Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday's Rule!!! The Ups and Downs of a Cupcake!

Friday's Rule #4
Up to the right, down to the left! 

Finally, an ACTUAL rule we use every week. 
Like a Cupcake mantra, this rule is repeated all the time at rehearsals.

This rule means regardless of where you are; if moving to the right you reach UP and if you are travelling to the left, you got it, you go DOWN! Easy Peasy!

And yet, we still forget!

We swap formations constantly in our dances -
horizontal line, vertical line, 
front row, back row, 
diagonal to the right, diagonal to the left, 
windows, pinball, circle, dice, semi circle...

(The only thing Lisa hasn't got us doing is standing one on top of the other. 
Guaranteed, as the only ginger, I'd literally be the cherry on the top!) 

So we are publicly posting this rule in the hope that at least one Cupcake remembers it!
And if not one of us then at least someone in the audience 
that can shout it loudly if they spot a Cupcake in distress.

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linzi 
x x x

I'm waving to you... hand up to the right and down to the left!

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