Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kennedy Cupcakes....dancers in disguise!!!!!

    As you may have already guessed, the Cupcakes have alter egos that they pose as when not living life in Cupcake Land. They are heavily disguised and their true identity as Forces Sweethearts isn't always detectable on first encounters.  Primary School teacher, Accountant, university researcher, yummy mummy, dance teacher...they will fool you into believing they are just normal beings....when really they are living breathing KENNEDY CUPCAKES! Dun, dun, duuuuuunnnnn!!!

        On Sunday, an unsuspecting crowd at Glasgow's O2 Mela at Kelvingrove Park, didn't realise that on stage one of these Cupcakes was in fact posing as a..................

Here's Jules and fellow Fusion dancer Charlie figuring out how to apply  her bindi
Yes Cupcake Jules!!

She hung up her Forties get-up this weekend to don a fabulous Bollywood/Scottish ensemble to perform at the O2 Glasgow Mela on Sunday alongside the Desi Bravehearts http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Desi-Bravehearts/139155460087?sk=wall and 4 other beautiful fusion dancers to revive a piece commissioned for Glasgow's Commonwealth Flag Handover Ceremony last October. 

The piece co-choreographed by Cupcake Lisa and Indian choreographer Pratap Shety, fused Indian and Scottish dance to create a lively, intricate piece that entertained the Mela crowd on the Commonwealth Stage! 
Lisa and Pratap with the Desi Bravehearts & Fusion dancers (including Jules!) last October at the Old Fruitmarket
Cupcake Jules performed to perfection, as always ....
Blonde on the right!
and was not only cheered on by the large crowd that had formed but her fellow Cupcakes!!!!

Yes, we were also performing at the Mela! 

Cupcakes Evette, Lynne, Carol and myself were all there to cheer on Jules and the rest of the dancers after we'd hit the stage! The crowd loved our performance too and backstage all the performers were super supportive of each other...a great buzz about the event and a great day out for all the family! 

These Cupcake gals sure are a talented bunch, don't ya think???!  

Lisa xx

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