Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Our Hunny Bunch!

Sometimes I have to step back in amazement at the lovely, memorable things that we are fortunate to  experience as Cupcakes...

We meet all sorts of people, of all ages and walks of life at the events we attend and a huge part of our role as Cupcakes is to mingle, meet and greet with guests at parties, charity balls and with the crowds at open air events. We have came across some real characters along the way...from Mr Boom at Belladrum to Chico from XFactor. We love chatting with the public, as they always have questions about who we are, who started the troupe, where we get our outfits from....and we're happy to tell all! We love to hear stories of the 40s and 50s and memories of the Golden Era that we love so much!

On Sunday, at Glasgow Armed Forces Day, a lady approached us as we mingled with the crowds that had gathered on George's Square, to ask if we'd say hello to a man who wanted to meet us. A lovely gentleman made his way across to us, draped in medals, as the lady explained he was of an age that he was now waiting on a telegram from the Queen!

Well, from the outset he had us charmed. What a true gent he was! Ronnie, aka, Hunny Bunch (what the ladies in his carehome call him), was just a joy to talk with and he appreciated our attention to detail...saying how authentic we were and how it took him back. He asked how one would be able to get in touch and so I wrote down my mobile number..not thinking we'd hear from him...

I thought wrong!
As I was walking Arnie (our Rottie) tonight, an unknown number came up on my was Ronnie! I knew it was him straight away as he is so well spoken...

I answered "Is that hunny bunch?", much to his delight!

We gabbed for a good 10mins. He'd called to apologise that he'd missed our performance as he was being entertained by the Lord Provost and wanted to know where he could see us perform next! 
I think we'll be seeing him next week at the Tall Ships Event in Greenock!

He was happy to chat away with extremely learned man, yet down to earth.  I now know that he is infact a Bishop but we believe that he may have been a doctor as he did mention this to us on Sunday. He was a guest of Charles and Camilla on Saturday at Edinburgh Armed Forces Day and actually appeared on the same page as me in the Sunday Mail....coincidence or what! (photo above)

I think Ronnie is a new friend made and I'm rather chuffed that he decided to call.

 We'll let you know if we see him again...

A special man indeed!

Lisa x

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