Monday, 25 July 2011

Cupcake Crazies! What Are Your Superhero Powers?

For this week's Crazy we are giving Calamity Carol a week off and amusing ourselves with something a little bit geeky, OK... very geeky.

We loved being Disney Princesses for the day on Friday (I hope you've all had your thinking caps on to guess our newest Cupcake) and thought we would try something with more of an edge.

Photo Credit: 4 Goodness Cakes

We are giving ourselves superhero powers! And voila, here's one we made earlier...

The Kennedy Cupcakes developed the talent to absorb the damage from most physical attacks and use it to magnify its capacity at avoiding attacks, but never in bright light. It can transform ice into silver and it battles rivals with a magical sai that can force antagonists into a deep sleep. The Kennedy Cupcakes has the power to confuse the smell of an opponent and it has been known to communicate with cats through a mental link. Additionally, it possesses the power to sculpt and mold all wood with a thought. Unfortunately, The Kennedy Cupcakes is well-known for being crazy.

Yeah, take that, ZAP, KABOOM, POW, we can change the shape of wood.... whilst talking to cats!!!!!
And we thought Mimi only did that as a hobby :)

Photo credit: Etsy - Thatsawrap2

So to find out what your Superhero powers will be, just click on the link below!
Random Superhero Generator as found on Anna and the Ring blog.

Make sure to copy and paste your Superhero powers into the comments box on the blog or adding them to our facebook page!

Cupcake Linzi
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