Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday's Rule!!! Cupcake for Life!

Friday's Rule #7
Once a Cupcake, Always a Cupcake!

This week is one tinged with sadness in Cupcake Land.
Our lovely Cupcake Eva is going international and is now based in Amsterdam!
It's hard to put into words how much we will miss her every week,
but she has promised she will be back and 
has already booked a holiday to come home for Cupcake Mimi's wedding in July!

On the upside though... Cupcake Roadtrip to Holland!!

We know that we will hear from her regularly and it will be like she's hardly away but
to express our best wishes and remind her where she belongs,

Boss Lisa has put our feelings very eloquently into this fabulous poem...

Cupcake Eva we love you,
And we know you love us too,
But as you are a clever girl,
Go share your talents with the world.

Although we'll miss you very much,
We know you'll always keep in touch,
And when you can you'll head back here,
And take a break, from counting beers.

You'll take your place on the stage once more.
Strike a pose upon the dance floor
As wherever you are & whatever you do,
A Cupcake outfit is always waiting for you!

Remember... a Cupcake is for life,
Not just for Christmas!
Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linz

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  1. Snif snif. Thank you very much Linz. I think you missed your true calling in life! Your a poet and ya know it. Lots of love. Eva x x