Monday, 15 August 2011

Calling All Cupcake Clevers!

Toot toot... There is soon to be a new Cupcake mobile on the road!

Now here's your Monday night challenge... I would like you to name my new car and I'll choose my favourite!

I have just bought my first, brand spanking, new wheels! So new it doesn't even have a registration number yet!

It will match Boss Lisa's perfectly and if anyone from Fiat is reading, I'm sure the other Cupcakes would welcome a sponsorship deal so we could have a fleet of cute 500's!

Go on, let us know your best suggestions on Facebook or Twitter, get your thinking caps on!

And of course it wouldn't be a Monday without a 'Crazy' from our very own Calamity Carol...
Who last week drove to training, parked her lovely car (also a Fiat btw) and was all ready to dance until she realised a very obvious problem, she had driven to our old gym... A gym we haven't been to for well over a year!

Now go, name that car!

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linzi
x x x

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