Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Little Deva Dresses Us!

It is true that The Kennedy Cupcakes are a talented group of gals and a gorgeous bunch to boot. 

And although it may be true that they'd all look fabulous wearing bin bags, we opt for outfits with far more style and class for our performances to ensure we depict the Era perfectly. 

The extremely talented and beautiful girl behind our outstanding attire is this little lady! 
Dawn Marie Kelly

Dawn Marie and best bud Cupcake Evette, co own Little Deva,  specializing in occasion wear and accessories

So when I started the troupe in 2009, we looked no further than Dawn Marie to help bring the look of the 40s and 50s to life in the most wonderful outfits that attract so much attention at every event we perform at.

So far she has made for us.....

Sensational Sailor jumpsuits!
Forces Sweetheart Army dresses
1950s poodle skirts and branded shirts
Pin Up Girl outfits
Jingle Belle dresses

It's safe to say she is one very talented girl who always creates something beautiful for us to wear on stage!

Dawn Marie is working on our next costume which we are super excited abut.

 Can you guess what it is????

Thanks Danger Mouse....We HEART you!!!! x

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