Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday's Rule! Celebrate in Style!

It's F F F F FRIDAY again already! And the Cupcakes are looking forward to a rare weekend off! 

We LOVE performing and attending so many fabulous events but it's always nice to get the oppor-chancity to re-charge the batteries and spend time out of rollers, red lippy and our 40s get-up!

And what a perfect weekend to have off! 
We'll be celebrating a few milestones and achievements in Cupcake style of course.

Firstly, our International Cupcake, Evette is 30years old on Saturday! 

No!!!??? I hear you cry! 
Yip, she is defying time we know, but alas, she is gonna be the big 3-0!

Sadly she's not choosing to spend her birthday in Sunny Scotland (heaven knows why?!) but will be in safe hands of her bestie, Dawn Marie (our costumier) and her mates, as they fly out to get the party started in Amsterdam! 
And boy do that bunch know how to party! 
We send Eva all our love and hugs and we can't wait to see her soon!

Then, it's MY BIRTHDAY on Sunday! 
Not quite at the big 30 stage yet! I'll be wined (well, actually cranberry juiced!) and dined on Saturday by Hubby and then we're hitting Cupcake Emma's Charity ZUMBATHON in aid of The Samaritans!

I like how on my birthday I'm still managing to end up doing 4 hours of exercise!!!! Love it! Cupcakes Emma and Julieann will be teaching at it and we'll be in front row giving it hee-haw!

So, I think you should get your butts along and help us celebrate my birthday shakin' your touche! Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Sunday 11am-3pm! Do it! You know it makes sense!

Soooooooooo all in all, we aint doing much this weekend, NAWT!

Afterall, Cupcakes who play together....stay together!

Over and out

Lis x

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