Friday, 2 September 2011

Keeping it Real!

As you all know The Kennedy Cupcakes are renowned for their Red Nails and Red lips. See Linzi sporting both...

But... did you know 1940’s nails looked somewhat different from our nails today?
Having done a little research (google) I’ve found out that…
A) Red was not the only popular colour (Lisa I will be wearing red, it’s my favourite, I don’t care what anyone says!!)  That green, brown, navy blue, even black (which is very ‘in’ just now) were all popular colours! And that it was common the wear nail polish which co-ordinated with your outfit.
And B) That the Nail polish was applied leaving out a half moon and often with a silver/white sliver at the tip.
Panic not though, Rita Hayworth sported some fully painted nails in the 40’s too “phew”
I’ve included some attempts of mine at achieving this look… yet to try the sliver at the tip.

I even treated my Mum to some 1940’s glam!

Hope you have lots of fun missing out your half moons! I have even found the perfect shade for our new outfits! Very exciting!

Happy nail painting!

Lots of love with cherries on top, Cupcake Carol xxx

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