Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Not just a pretty face! Part 1

Forgive us readers, for we have sinned
It has been 3 weeks since our last blog post!

Ahhh! Gasp! Nooooo! Boooo!
But we do have a good excuse as to why! Promise!!
We've been BUSY BEES!
Yes, su'ree, we 've been dancing all over, from Kinloss to Kirkintilloch and everywhere in between.
As well as shooting our new promo video...eek! Tres exciting!

So, with sooooo much going on,  it's just as well we are all fabulously fit and trained in what we do, as no stamina and a catalogue of injuries just wouldn't do in Cupcake land!

It safe to say that the Cupcake gals were not only chosen for their award winning looks and fabulous personalities, but were hand picked by yours truly for their outstanding dance ability and talent.FACT!

But as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and the dancers you see now have all been working on their dance skills from a young age to get them to the level of professionalism that The Kennedy Cupcakes brand requires! We each come from very different backgrounds in terms of training and dance syles and in addition to our role as Cupcakes, all the girls have an element of dance in their life, always aiming to maintain what they've built on and learn new skills!

And so, FYI, we thought we'd let you into the dancing past and present of each of the Cupcakes, learning just how they acheived their Cupcake status!

Julieann, "I started dancing quite late....Did a small bit of disco in primary but was too shy to go for it. Then at 15 I plucked up the courage to join a theatre group and now you can't get me off the stage. Decided to make dance a career and was awarded a HND Dance Artist in the Community qualification from Telford College, where I discovered a love of contemporary dance" Julieann now teaches and choreogrpahs full time. She is also a Zumba instructor.

Emma, " I started dancing at the age of 7. Following in my sister's footsteps, I joined the local dance school and to this day I'm still there each week, taking class in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz, now an Associate member of the BATD.   In my time as a Cupcake I have found that being in the troupe has inspired me to work extra hard and be the best dancer I can be. If I had to give any tips for dancers, I would say work hard, play hard, be kind to your mind and body and don't ignore an injury. Dancing with a support strap aint a good look!".
Linzi " I joined Clark Theatre School at the age of 3 and completed my first Jazz Art UK tour aged 11. I also performed at the Edinburgh Fring Festival as a youngster. Age 14,  I was awarded a summer scholarship in New York with Alvin Ailey Dance Co. As a teenager, I spent every school holiday at dance workshops! Continuing on into adulthood, I joined my university cheerleading squad and then danced as part of a Pro Dance squad for 5 years travelling the world. And now I'm a Cupcake"

Lisa, " LOVED dance from day dot. I joined my local dance school aged 4, gained several awards from the BATD, including an Associate Membership in Ballet and Modern. Danced professionally in a Pro Dance squad for 4 years and established Centre Stage School of Dance in 2002. I was in post with STDT for 6 years, delivering dance programmes all over Scotland. Recently, I have turned to my passion for choreographing and last year had the pleasure of co-producing a piece for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games' Handover ceremony. Currenly I am choreographing for a Bollywood group heading to Mumbai in early 2012 and ofcourse, for the Cupcakes. Dance in the brain 24/7! "

To be continued....................

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