Friday, 15 April 2011

Dear Santa...

...I know it's a tad early but...

Can I have this for Christmas?!

I now have a major case of 'the wants', gotta love this 1940s sarong dress from Vivien of Holloway.

You say it's too early for my Christmas list, Santa?

Mr Easter Bunny, can eggs be exchanged for dresses?

A girl can dream *sigh*.

Mimi x

Dress to Impress!

Hey peeps, Cupcake Lisa here! With our 1940's evening, Puttin' on the Blitz looming we are busy busy with preparations to make it another night to remember. Flags, bunting and propaganda posters will be hung in every available space and the band stand will be decked out with camouflage netting, barbed wire and all sorts to ensure the room is as authentically dressed as we can possibly manage. But it's always the guests who come along to our evenings who transform the room, with their attention to detail in dressing for the occasion (see above)! What fabulous outfits we have seen at the last two events! With the chaps wearing suits and military dress and the ladies looking every bit the 40s sweetheart in tea dresses, seamed stockings and pearls. One of the guests at the last event said that she felt getting ready for the event was all part of it and she loved having the opportunity at having a go at the 40s look.

So for those joining us for the first time, here's a few pics for inspiration!

You're sure to have something in your wardrobe that you can customise or pair up with other items to create the look. Or why not go have a rummage in your local charity shop?! You're sure to find a hat, gloves, braces, a brooch or if you're lucky, an outfit, that will be fit for the Forties!

Can't wait to see you all there!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cupcake Goodies...

Cupcake Linzi here and the countdown is on!!!

1 week tomorrow; or 195 hours; or 8 sleeps; OR,
8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes and 45, 44, 43, 42.... seconds until the best 40's extravaganza in the UK, since, well, our last one! ;)

This time round, there will be even more on offer... I know, we are too good to you!!! Don't worry, you'll still have plenty of performances plus the official premier of our new routine, from us, the utterly fabulous Kennedy Cupcakes (if we do say so ourselves), music from the incredible 'That Swing Sensation' AND plenty of GOODIES to win and to buy, on our oh-so-kitsch Blitz Street.

From scrummy cupcakes by the delicious Cup Couture, beauty products and gifts from our gorgeous sponsor Nicola @ Me Time, handmade soy wax candles from the lovely Winterz Dayz and beautifully crafted soaps by Sweet Peacock.

Here's a piccy of some of us at the VOWS awards 2010, sampling cake pops by Nicki at Cup Couture. We can safely say she passed the test with flying colours... so we thought we'd share her with you! The cake pops are 'Mmmmmmm', just wait till you try one, you'll be hooked and don't even get us started on her amazing cupcake creations.

Ooh maybe this time next year, we might have our very own Kennedy Cupcakes merchandise! Kennedy Cupcakes goodies to sell on Blitz Street, what do you think...?

On a serious note though, our 'Puttin' on the Blitz' night is really important to us. It is all to raise money for a very good cause The Mark Wright Project , they support ex-servicemen and women and their famillies! The Kennedy Cupcakes and That Swing Sensation admire their great work and hope to be visiting them very soon with a rather large cheque.

So if we can raise loads, that makes everyone who has helped... Cupcake Goodies too.

To get you 'In The Mood', here is a sneak peek from our 1st Birthday Bash, with the wonderful 'That Swing Sensation' from Glasgow. With the support of our loyal Cupcake Lovers, we raised over £3000 for Help for Heroes. Let's see if we can raise even more this time!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cupcakes and their Fairycakes!

The Cupcakes, as most of you know, have very busy lives!

We have full time jobs, weekly gigs and rehearsals and that can leave us with very little time for much else. (Our Mug-cakes forget what we look like sometimes).

So we love nothing more than meeting up on an unofficial capacity when we're not being 'Cupcakes'. And we did just that today.

The Cupcake Aunties met for coffee and cake, which was just an excuse for a snuggle with some very adorable and well behaved cuties. We are very lucky to be blessed with a mini cuppcake, or as Mimi put it, a fairy cake! Stunning Kat has her gorgeous bundle in the form of Fairycake Jessica.

And our lovely friend Hazel joined us with her beautiful, bouncing boy, Devon. Although Devon wasn't so much, bouncing, as he was, horizontal. He spent most of the afternoon reclined on his back like he was on a sun lounger in St Tropez, he was the most chilled out baby, EVER! Both babies had massive grins and were just happy to be the centre of attention, until both got bored of our chat and decided it was time for a snooze. Jessica even had her dance tutu on, a real Cupcake in the making!

We did look like a mother and toddler group, with huge buggies, bags galore, toys strewn all around us, dummies being chucked left right and centre and lots of 'oooh-ing' and 'aaah-ing'! (and that was just to keep the Cupcakes amused.)

So not only do the Cupcakes sing and dance, we now offer a creche service!

We can't wait till we can dress up Fairycake Jessica like a true Cupcake... How cute!!

Photo: Treasure Box kids

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Devil's In The Details..

Hi all!

Cupcake Mimi here!

The more astute of you may have noticed that my blog entries tend to be uploaded on the darker side of midnight, meaning (rather inconveniently) my brain wakes up and likes to get creative late at night. This doesn't mean I have insomniac tendancies, nor am I implying that only some of you are astute; followers of The Kennedy Cupcakes have a natural charm and elegance, don't you agree?

Aaaanyway, the reason why I am blogging is to ask all you beady-eyed shoppers out there to let us know where you might find the cheapest deal on Union Jack bunting, as we require miles of it to ensure our next event on the 22nd really looks the part.

What with the Royal wedding approaching (the week after our 1940s do as it happens...Wills n Kate kindly didn't clash events with us) there seems to be an abundance of said bunting in card shops etc, but if anyone spots a particularly excellent deal then please get in touch. The one to beat is £1.89 for 12ft from the Bay of E. Go on, beat it, I dare you.

There's a prize for the winner (...pride).

Mimi xxx

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