Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday's Rule!!!! Claret and Amber style!

***** Rule #2 *****
Always support your local!
And we mean business... not pub!

OK, I am hi-jacking this post to selfishly show my true colours, 
but hey, once in every 2 decades must be allowed.
As a Motherwell lass, born and bred, I am proud to be spending my weekend supporting
"The Mighty 'Well".

The boys have made it to the final and I, plus the entire family, will be travelling to Hampden tomorrow.
I am sure Cupake Lynne will be there in spirit too,
as a fellow 'Well lass.
Motherwell tops, flags and scarves have been bought
 and our voices are rested.
It's fair to say we are ready and raring to go
and we hope the team are too.
Even the town is dressed up to the nines, bunting and all... how very 40's of them!

Hey, the Cupcakes may even change
our 40's "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" routine,
to the Motherwell chant "She Wore a Claret and Amber Ribbon"!

But seriously, we do support our local businesses.
Our beauty sponsor Me Time with Nicola, in Hairlines Motherwell and
our rehearsal space sponsor Esporta Hamilton,
We are proud to be associated with them, and we hope they are proud Cupcake supporters.

We certainly extend that support to our local football club, Motherwell F.C.
They have been superb at donating lots of goodies to our charity raffles
such as signed strips, footballs and even match tickets to boost our charity events.

So for your continued support, we send it right back.
Well Cupcake Linzi certainly does!

                                                    A 'Well Cupcake and Cupcake Snr

Here's hoping we have a happy claret and amber Cupcake tomorrow!
She wore, she wore!!!

Toodle pip,
Cupake Linzi

Monday, 16 May 2011

Yummy Mummy Katrina puts on her dancing shoes again!

We were thrilled to have gorgeous Cupcake Katrina return to rehearsals this week, after having a beautiful baby girl last year. Little Jessica is the first mini or Fairy cake of the troupe & she's as cute as a button! 
She would be though, coming from such a yummy mummy!!! Former Miss Scotland finalist, Kat is sensational and such a lovely, kind person too! 
We sure have missed Kat at rehearsals & gigs the past year, although she's always kept in touch & supported us all the way! Our regular coffee shop catch-ups have ensured we've kept her up to date!

Look out for photos of the beautiful Kat in the coming months, as she rejoins us on stage at many of our events!

 All 8 Cupcakes are back together...YIPPEE!!!!!!