Saturday, 18 June 2011

I don't care what the Weather Man says.....

    Today I rose at 7am and headed straight for the window to check the weather...mmmm not raining but not looking too bright either! We were Stirling bound (well actually Bridge of Allan) for our second Stirling Armed Forces Day at Strathallan Games Park. We'd had such a fun-filled day last year, when the sun shined throughout, that we hoped that today would be just as much fun ....and just as sunny!

Well,  we didn't have much luck with the latter, however, we still had smashing, although a tad soggy day!  I thought it best we go dressed in our sailor uniforms, avoiding having to change on arrival, which proved good thinking on my part....portaloos aint that glamorous! 

Ever the Girl Guide, I tend to use the phrase "just in case" frequently (the Cupcakes would say I use it religiously!), so I packed our umbrellas and insisted we take our trench costs for "just incase" purposes....both of which came in handy!

Jules modelling on a Classic Bike...cosy in her Cupcake coat!
Carol keeping dry in our army tent!
In Stirling, they'd also decided that the rain wouldn't put a dampener on things (pun!) either and the show was in full swing when we arrived. Bouncy castles, burger vans, Army recruitments stands, charities, jewellery stalls...a good day for all the family.

They also had a jam-packed schedule of entertainment lined up, including duck herding (very funny!), military bands, Stage Worx Theatre School and ofcourse....The Kennedy Cupcakes!

Despite the rotten weather, we still managed to pull in a great crowd for both performances and even got them dancing! A special mention has to go to these lads (below) who were strutting their stuff and well up for learning our Cupcake Stroll....they even had their own unique Cupcake pose to finish the routine on.....

We said we'd consider using it in our next routine!
What do you think?

We were delighted to see the Coronel we'd met last year, who is looking forward to his 105th birthday next month; Loved the banter with all the army guy in particular who had us in stitches; Chatted with the lovely Provost of Stirling and his family and posed for many a photo with everyone and anyone who wished to meet us!

A smashing day indeed!

We'd like to thank Stirling Council for inviting us back this year. We LOVE being a part of such a special day...celebrating the work of past and present troops!

Toodle Pip,
Lisa x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday's Rule!!! The Princess, The Propper!

Rule #6
Julieann must have a prop, at all times!

Babies need dummies, toddlers need blankets and 
our Cupcake Jules needs a prop!
See, Jules without a prop!

(I didn't say these rules were sensible or would change your life, but they will entertain!)

Take a look....

 Green tea...
 Fairy wand (obviously!)...
 Pot plant (as you do!)...
 Gun (we don't condone violence in the Cupcakes!)...
 Lots of money, all £4.00...
 And a gas mask!

She even occasionally uses 
handsome men to feed her propping habit!

Don't stand near her too long or you risk being 'Propped' too!

Toodle Pip,
Cupcake Linzi
x x x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thank you for being a FRIEND!

Howdy Peeps!

Sure it's great when you have good friends around you that you can rely on, that you really do enjoy spending time with? Yes sureeeee and us Cupcakes know all about that, with each of us knowing we have a strong bond of friendship! The Golden Girls don't have a patch on us I tell ya! Awwwww!

But we're rrrreeally lucky, as not only do we have each other, but we also have other friends who make living in Cupcake Land that little bit more special! So this is where we, on a regular basis, honour the lovely friends we've gathered along the way...who we just LOVE calling our mates!
First up then, is the smashing, super talented musicians of That Swing Sensation! favourite big band who we are lucky enough to work with on a regular basis!

Having met them at Glasgow Armed Forces Day 2009 (one of our first ever gigs!), we have went on to host 3 very successful Forties evenings with them over the last 2 years and performed at numerous events together. It's really great getting the opportunity to perform with a live band and we always look forward to seeing the gang!

Band leader Jon has become such a good friend, as has singers Iain, June and all the musicians too!

The band are AWESOME, playing big band hits from the 20s on wards, keeping the dance floor packed at any event!
It don't mean a thing, if it aint got that swing...

....That Swing Sensation that is!!!!!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Cupcake Crazies! Carol's Cow Confusion!

Photo credit: Soda Pop comics

Monday is a rubbish way to spend 1/7th of your life so in order to clear the Monday blues we thought we would share some Cupcake craziness.
From daft musings, to silly pictures, each week we will be bringing you a little sprinkle of cakey goodness to cheer up your start to the week.

We are all smart, educated, switched on, young women but when we let our guard down, boy... can we be dizzy!

And to start us off we are starting with an absolute corker
from our very own Calamity Cupcake, Carol...

She looks intelligent enough I hear you say,
well, please, by all means,
read on and be ready to eat your words!


Whilst driving to a job in a very rural setting, we passed lots of busy fields.
We were admiring the view and Carol tells us about her Uncles farm she used to visit as a child.

We continue our journey appreciating the acres of lush green grass
full of cute lambs, cuddly sheep and ambling cows minding their own business.
Suddenly Carol shrieks in amazement and makes us all look into one of the fields.
"Oh My God, look at those cows, they're huge!"
"Yeah I suppose," I reply.
"No, I swear they are giant, like genetically modified or something, like proper humongous!!!"
"No Carol, they're kind of normal"
"Nope, those cows are abnormally huge, cows are only the size of labradors."

"Yeah, they're really big, cows are like the size of a dog"

I sighed. "No Carol. Those cows you saw were just far away!
All cows are actually that size!"

What's worrying is she was being serious and she was genuinely educated that day!

Photo credit: Channel 4

Proper Father Ted moment Carol.

Although I shouldn't have been surprised,
this is from the same Cupcake who thought
Gary Lineker got his endorsement job
with Walkers because his name rhymed with vinegar!!

More to come next Monday!
Cupcake Linzi