Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday's Rule!!! Our Newest Princess!

Friday's Rule #9
You have to be a Princess!

In Cupcake Land we have been learning a NEW routine in anticipation of our NEW costumes!
Think 50's glamour puss, meets Disney Princess so....

Photo Credit: Paris Pastry

The Cupcakes have all chosen a Princess alter ego, see if you can guess who is who!

Princess No. 1 - Jasmine

Jasmine is a very powerful lady with a large 4 legged friend.
Ever glamorous, she is the boss and she makes sure everyone knows it.

Princess No. 2 - Belle

Belle is a true Beauty, but this Princess doesn't have a beast.
In 1 week she will be getting ready to be the Belle of a very important ball, her wedding!

Princess No. 3 - Cinderella

Cinders is doing lots of housework in her new flat.
This blonde Princess is still looking for the glass slipper that fits.

Princess No. 4 - Pocahontas

Pocahontas looks like an exotic beauty and is often mistaken for being from a foreign climate but this Princess is definitely from the West of Scotland.
Her diet isn't strictly 'live off the land', more McD's and Irn Bru.

Princess No. 5 - Mulan

This Princess is a real warrior and has visited the Far East, sampling all it's cultural delights.
She can be a bit of an adventurer and can be found trying aerial acrobatics, learning languages and climbing poles.

Princess No. 6 - Snow White

This Princess is very good at looking after others but she doesn't have 7 to look after, only one little bundle of joy. And her handsome Prince loves her snow white skin and dark locks.

Princess No. 7 - Ariel

This mermaid is known for her red hair and inquisitive nature.
Unfortunately this Princess is glad she doesn't live Under the Sea because she hates fish.

Princess No. 8 - Rapunzel

Our Princess with the longest hair is always a bit Tangled but her beautifully coiffed hair is forever changing colour.
She lives at the top of her castle but gladly her Prince is up there with her.

And Oh, what's this.... another Princess!

Princess No. 9 - Sleeping Beauty

This Princess loves her naps and she could definitely live in the Woods because she is friends to all the animals.
Our Sleeping Beauty needs her 40 winks but there is no need for beauty sleep because our newest Cupcake is beautiful enough. So beautiful, her Prince charming is waiting to give her the kiss of her life in a few weeks.
All her dreams have come true now she is officially the 9th Kennedy Cupcake.

Who could it be???

We'll tell you all in good time, hee hee!
We love a Cupcake surprise.

(All pictures copyright of Disney, sadly we do not own the rights, obviously!)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Cupcake Crazies! Casualty Carol!!!

It's a double whammy on the blog today! This is due to me missing one last week because of my holiday, shame on me. Note to self, just because I am on my jollybags, that doesn't mean everyone is! So to make up for it, you're getting 2 Crazies for the price of 1... both from our Calamity Carol of course!

To let you in on the bigger picture, Cupcake Carol has the immune system of a day old puppy.
Short of hand feeding her and wrapping her up in a blanket 24/7, she spends a lot of time with medical professionals. New infections and diseases always seem to be creeping up on our poorly Cupcake, and these have all been dubbed with the same nickname of 'Carolitis'! She has her own ward in Wishaw General and a season ticket for her GP. Her local pharmacy greet her with a high five and twinkle in their eye for their number 1 customer.

The first casualty was Carol's tooth.

It started as simple toothache but with all things Carol, it was not so simple.
Oh this tooth, wasn't an ordinary tooth, but a wisdom tooth.
And this wisdom tooth didn't have a little cavity, but a fully fledged abscess.
Alas, this wasn't your run of the mill abscess, but one growing into the jaw bone.
Of course not just anywhere on the jaw bone but directly on to a facial nerve.
And obviously she didn't need just a dentist, a dental nurse and a hygienist... she needed a bone surgeon too!

Casualty No. 2 - Carol got a stye in her eye.
Not just any stye, it was leaking and everything!?
She went to her GP, 3 pharmacists and phoned NHS 24 (obviously on her personal hotline!).
This stye required a trip to A&E and a course of antibiotics because as with all things 'Calamity Carol', it wasn't just a wee stye that could be treated with the help of a gold ring and a cooling tea bag...
It was an eye infection that restricted the wearing of contact lenses, make up and no consuming of alcohol when on the antibiotics.

So if you see a miserable Cupcake on a night out, bumping into things, with make up only on one eye, she belongs to us!

And we really have no idea why Carol has a weak immune system...

Do you???

Now we know the reason for the song "Oh Carol"!

Toodle Pip