Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday's Rule: Go Compare, Go Compare!!!

We've recently realized that all of the Cupcake gals all have at one stage, been mistaken or at least compared to a well-know personality or celebrity!

Photo by atblatex   
It was on a recent Cupcake night-out, when a chap (on a stag doo) opted to ditch his mates to join us for a blether and to re-enact the programme The Voice by turning his back to us on a swivel chair, making us sing and then turning around if he liked what he heard (was funny for 5 mins.....1 hour? Not so much!).

Anywho, he'd been distracted from the said Stag Doo when he spotted Cupcake Linzi (our token red-head) who he thought looked like Belinda Carlisle. Mmmm we're not that convinced! I think it was merely the fast that they have red hair and.....heads?! Oor Linzi is far bonnier than Belinda (not to diss Belinda who is  smashing of course!).

Infact, it would seem that Linz gets to compared to nearly every celebrity female red head that has ever walked the Earth! Including, Emma Pillbury from Glee and Ariel (actually that was Linzi who suggested that!)

Photo from Oh My! Emma Pillsbury!   
Photo from  

 So this then sparked us to think of all the celebs we've been compared to or mistaken for....

Lisa is..........Myleene Klass

Lynne is..... Elliot from Scrubs
Emma is....Kylie & Dannii Minogue

Carol. is....Kim Kardashian


Julieann is.....Christina Ricci
Katrina is....Jade Lezar

But whom does Cupcake Kelly look like????? Any suggestions????

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