Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Merch Mayhem!

So, in Cupcake Land we do like a wee giggle and we've been known to get a little silly at Thursday night rehearsals, letting our imaginations run wild, to the point where we're rolling about the floor in stitches! Well we think we're funny, right?!!

 It was on a recent gig where the idea of Cupcake Merchandise came about (loooooooooong story) and that got us thinking about the ridiculous items we could have in our Cupcake Souvenir Shop!

Just all the things that you've always wanted to show you're a true FAN! Yeah?????

Drink Your Morning Cuppa and think of Us!
Your Pooch will LOVE being a Cupcake! 

Shower with The Kennedy Cupcakes'........ Curtains!
Cupcakes Cereal will set you up for the day! 
We really freaked poor Katrina out when we suggested that some people might like a 'Katrina Bed Spread'!!! Our branded wear sponsor Cora of  Branded Bee would be able to rustle that up no probs!

Keep perfect time with us! 
I doubt we'll ever get to the dizzy heights of fame where the above merchandise will be in demand..... but if we do, don't worry you'll be the first to hear, as we know you're just dying for a Kennedy Cupcake Carriage Clock!!!!

To be fair, I'm not sure if even Del Boy could flog those!!!

We can but dream....

Lis x

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