Thursday, 19 July 2012

Summer , you say?

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while since we posted on here but we have been super busy with lots of lovely events up and down the country! So we thought we'd give you the low down on everything we've been up to in June and July so far....supposed to be the 'Summer' but we'd be reluctant to use that word!!! Mr Sunshine where have you been on all those outdoor gigs?!

Sooooo we kick-started June with Jubilee events at Summerlee Heritage Centre! We had two lovely days of entertaining families at outdoor tea parties and loved having a nosey round the museum between sets. Feel we may have to return for a photo shoot opportunity!

We then had a smashing wedding reception to perform at. Trying to sneak in through the back door, so as not to spoil the surprise for the guests was FUN! Love the random things we need to do sometime! We LOVE a good wedding and now that Cupcake Lynne is engaged to be married next July..eeeeeek....we are super excited at the thought of another Cupcake wedding!

We were invited to appear at Kilsyth's Civic Week on Saturday 16th June and despite the terrible weather, we had a smashing day with all those who turned up. We used our Cupcake charm to secure a cuppa in the local estate agents and some hot sausgaes for lunch from the butchers! We brought some cheer to a dreary day weather-wise, as we bundled into a dis-used shop and gathered everyone around to learn a Cupcake Stroll! It's is a great medicine for the blues!

As we ventured into the last few weeks of June things got a little crazy-mental!!! With Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh's Armed Forces Day celebrations and The Glasgow Mela, The Cupcake gals were working hard in rehearsals prepping for all the events! All the events were SUPER! Highlights included.....

1. Playing Tug-o-War with some army and RAF lads at Stirling's AFD! They reeeeeeally needed our assistance!
2. Meeting our friend the bishop, Ronnie again at Glasgow AFD, who we met this time last year! He was soooo charming!
3. Seeing a RAF flypast up close at Edinburgh AFD! Wow!
4. Getting such a great crowd reaction at the Glasgow Mela!
5. Having the Sea Cadets join us in a Cupcake Stroll! Excellent!
As if all that excitment wasn't enough, The Kennedy Cupcakes were asked to open for Glasgow and Ayrshire Musichoir Scotland!! As Lisa and Linzi had joined the Glasgow branch for their summer term, Choir master Neil asked us to perform, a 25 minute set prior to the show. What a great chance in itself this was but was then topped by the fact that the show was in the O2 ABC!!!! Wow! What a night! One to remember for sure! Footage to come soon!

We then went on to perform at Ayr Town Hall to open for the Ayrshire choir and got a great response from the crowd! Crrrrrrrazeeeeeee quick changes side-of-stage and one which resulted in Carol wearing the wrong trousers, but we got through it with poise and grace (just!) and had a blast in the process!

And before we knew it it was July!!! We entertained the RAF boys at their Summer Social at a gorgeous sailing club at Dalgety Bay on 4th July and even had some competiton on our hands when the 'Beefcakes' challenged us to a dance off! Soooo funny and we're raging we didn't get any pics!!! Grrrrrr! We then hotfooted it to Dundee on Saturday 14th July to take part in the Dundee Dance Walk! Another awesome day of music and dance! Was so inspiring to see people of all walks of life enjoying various styles of dance and having a go! We completed the day with everyone outside the stunning McManus gallery dancing a Cupcake Stroll! Memories are made of this kinda stuff! x

And here we are, nearly at the end of July. We have another 4 events before the month is out and then some of us are off on holiday!!!!!!! Paris here we come...can't wait to see Cupcake Eva in her new home!

Let us take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support, the well wishes, the love and all the laughs! We couldn't do it without you and we will always look back at every gig fondly beacuse you were there!

Lis x

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