Friday, 17 August 2012

The Case Of The Missing Costumes...

It was a cold dark stormy night... With a flash of lightening and the following thunder... the text came through...

This was it... My mission...

I swung open my wardrobes.. nothing.. looked at my (dangerously high) ironing pile... nothing...

Operation Cupcake Costume Recovery Phase One Begins

I called my Mum (what else do you do in these situations) no answer.. darn..

another crash of thunder *whimper*

Drawers are disrupted... nothing...

Become more creative... the bottom of the wardrobe (cue creepy creaky wardrobe door) and once again nothing...

I take to the streets... (well the car lol)

Head back to the place it all began... My parents house...

Muuuuuuuumm have you seen my - Mum produces my Cupcakes shirt... *happy sigh*

Panic over!

Now for a cup of tea and a cupcake :-)

Carol sits down with her cup of tea...

*vibration beep beep*


 ..... ok ok... so it wasnt actually all that dramatic.. :-)

Now I am going to let you step into our Cupcake Wardrobe!

The shirts in question lol.. and our gorgeous new dresses!

Our festive look! Wont be long now!

Our Jackets are fab... especially with our Scottish Summer!

We have a wonderful collection of outfits... Which means we can tailor our look to suit any event!

 From Spies to Sailors...

Our pastel poodle skirts to our beautiful corsets..

Us Cupcakes LOVE our costumes! And we always seem to be getting more which is also exciting.

And if its not costumes... its props... Julz in particular loves a prop lol.

 Our suitcases are as authentic as they come!

We all feel very lucky to get to do something we love, have fabulous friends, and of course get to dress up in our beautiful outfits!

We even have trays so we can assist with hostessing at your events!

Thank you for reading our Blog :-) The Mystery was solved and the shirt was returned safe and sound... and it wasnt even blue haha! <3

Always remember our sound advice... Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake! xxx

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