Thursday, 10 May 2012

We're BACK!

Hey Hey Everyone!
We cannot believe our last post on our blog was last year!!!! Shocking state of affairs and we intend to make up for our absence by blogging on a regular basis from now on....being even more witty and informative than ever before! Promise!

Well, so far 2012 has been action-packed for us, so here's a quick synopsis of the story so far.......

New Year....NEW COSTUMES! 
 You know how we just LOVE pretty things? Well our costumier Dawn Marie of Little Deva has excelled herself this time with two stunning new costumes for us AND also, came on as AN OFFICIAL SPONSOR! We can't thank her enough for all that she does for us and we're just super excited to show off our new outfits at all our summer events!

We were VICTORIOUS at the Ball!

We co-hosted our 5th 1940's themed event, The Victory Ball, with our big band friends, That Swing Sensation, on Friday 27th April at the stunning Alona Hotel, Strathclyde Park. By far our biggest and best night to date, over 260 guests enjoyed dazzling entertainment all night long and came dressed in the Forties finest! A super night which marked our 3rd year together as a troupe! 

Katrina ROCKS! 
Our own Cupcake Katrina became the Face (and a gorgeous one at that) of The Corinthian Rocks campaign. Be sure to look out for photos of Katrina when you're in sipping your cocktails! We're so proud of her and wish her the success with her modelling career! 

We've had some really lovely gigs so far this year too, including a 70th birthday bash, a tea party with Contact the Elderly, The Monte Carlo Rally launch event, a baby shower, Designer Cupcakes' Launch Party, a Everest climb fundraiser for St Andrew's Hospice and a Day of Dance at MacRobert, Stirling! It's been all go so far and with new routines being learned in between gigs, we promise we haven't been twiddling our thumbs!

Now that you're caught up on what we've been doing, stay tuned for what's coming up......

Lots of love,

Lisa & The Kennedy Cupcakes x