Friday, 10 August 2012

Cupcakes in Paris!

Well, unless you've been hiding under a rock this past week, you'll no doubt know that The Kennedy Cupcakes were in gay Paris the weekend, visiting fellow Cupcake Evette in her new abode.

Flying from Prestwick Airport, Cupcakes Emma, Linzi, Lynne, Julieann & I all grabbed a coffee & those all important magazines before the short flight to Beauvais. Not being confident flyers, Em & Jules literally held hands the ENTIRE flight, only letting go when one of them needed two hands for something! As you can imagine, our little trio took great delight in giggling at their setup behind us. Poor girls...they were very brave!

After a bumpy landing (received with much dismay from the conjoined Cupcakes!) which received a round of applause from the cabin (really?!), we headed for the bus station & made our way to see Eva!

An hour later we were in Paris & hugging Cupcake Eva!! On the metro as quick as you can say "Bonjour" & we were at Eva's pad in no time! And what a Parisian pad it is!! Wow! The girl's done good for sure. In a heart beat, we'd cluttered her beautiful minimalist flat with all our clothes & shoes & took up most of her wardrobe space. Luckily our Eva is ├╝ber laid back & was only too happy to offer us everything we needed to feel at home. We headed downstairs to the bistro next door, had a gorgeous meal, caught up on all the goss & then toddled down to a local bar for celebratory cocktails & coffees. It's safe to say we relaxed into holiday mode pretty quickly.

Bright-eyed & bushy tailed (not!) after going to bed around 4am, we set out in to the sunshine on Saturday. First stop was brunch. Croque Monsieur, omelettes, croissants, cafe creme & various other yummy platters, the Cupcakes planned a day of sightseeing as we sat in the warmth of a Parisian summer's day. Tummies full, we ventured out, guide book in hand & headed for the Moulin Rouge. Being on Rue de Sex (not the official street name), there were plenty 'sights' to see on the way. Lots of giggles & Emma's misunderstanding of a 'shoe-shine' chair, it's safe to say the usual Cupcake banter was in full flow & we were on top form!

A rooftop view of Paris, the Opera house souvenir shop & the looooooooong walk to the Sacre Coeur, we were ready for our delish Cupcakes at a little gem of a cafe, aptly named 'Miss Cupcake'. The piste de resistance wasn't any of Paris' famous landmarks though- oh no!! It was the gorgeous, nearly-new pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissas in gold in a vintage my size at £20!!! Sold to the girl who can't resist Viviennes & a bargain!

Clubbing in Paris was an experience in it's self! First stop on Saturday night was a trendy hot-spot by the Seine. Long story short- French girls trying to get us to buy them drinks; being moved from our seats 1.5hour into sitting on them; banging house music & creepy dudes, we decided to move on & after Linz asked the bouncers where we could go to find "music with words", we were in a convoy of taxis & bound for another club, which can only be described as Paris' version of Glasgow's Blanket. Cracking tunes & dance-offs galore, we had such a fun night on the dance floor! We even got the DJ doing a Cupcake Salute! I've never laughed so much when Cupcake Lynne started busting' a move battling a French guy who was a serious mover! Go Lynnie Go Lynnie!

6am bedtime for the Cupcakes meant a little later rise for us on Sunday. We munched the pain au chocolat & croissants we'd our bought from le supermarche & ventured out in to the rain! Boooo! Rain?? No Paris, not on!
Not ones to be put off by a little rain, the Cupcakes visited the padlock bridge, Notre Dame, the Louvre restaurant (not the actual museum as we'd still be in queue just now if we'd waited in it!) & saw the Ritz! In the evening we dined outside & enjoyed the BIGGEST SALAD EVER! Actually massive & Cupcake Eva & I shared one! Fine dining indeed, we really did enjoy the Parisian food.

Our last day in Paris came a little too quickly for our liking & not wanting to waste a moment, we set our early to go see the Eiffel Tower. Whipping out the Cupcake tees, we performed a little routine in front of the tower which wasn't received with weird looks & stares that we'd expected. No one batted an eyelid! Must be the norm to break into a fully choreographed routine in matching outfits at the Eiffel Tower?!?

As Linzi turned the ripe old age of 27 on Monday, we decided a little culture would be the perfect way to complete our weekend. A lot of modern art, to me, is MENTAL but there were a few pieces which were awesome, including an Andy Warhol called 'Ten Liz's'. Another painting had us in stitches (trying to keep quiet as we were in a gallery) when I compared Lynne to the female in it. A situation which all us ladies have to deal with at some point in our lives- the pesky VPL & not being able to wear underwear with certain outfits. Let's say Lynne felt very 'free' in Paris! Our final munch in Paris was done on style at the Pompidou's rooftop restaurant. Cake? Now this was CAKE! The most expensive cake I've ever had but totally worth it!

Sooooo after a quick jaunt to Sephora aka cosmetic Mecca, it was time to head to the bus terminal. Sad faces all round, we reluctantly said goodbye to Eva & thanked her for a truly AWESOME weekend, one that we'll never forget!

Lots of laughs, good food, cocktails, coffee (Green tea for Jules of course!), a day of Lynne being Little Miss Clumsy, attempting to speak French, dancing, crepes, Hotel Coste music, sight-seeing, Cupcaking at the Eiffel many memories that we'll treasure forever. It's safe to say us Cupcakes can work, rest & definitely play together. Thanks to Eva for being the perfect host. We're so proud of what she's achieved & how confident she is living in Paris alone. Although we don't get to see her much, she's a Cupcake at heart that's for sure & one of life...just a wee French Fancy now! X