Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cupcakes Are Go!!!!!

Cupcake Lisa here troops! Oh my, what busy Cupcakes we've been over the last few weeks! So busy we ain't had time to blog! Our sincere apologies! But hey, that means there's oodles of fabby stuff to fill you in on!!

Where do I start?! Well thanks to the Merchant City Festival, us Cupcake gals were kept uber busy between 25-28th July! Firstly, we spent 2 glorious evenings, flash mobbing (not flashing, flash mobbing!) passersby on the steps of the Gallery of Modern Art & in & around the Merchant City, entertaining them with some Cupcake routines & promoting the festival! All good fun, with lots of surprised, smiley faces as people stumbled across us in the street! We did get offered a tenner from a gentleman "for our cause", who may or may not have been under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or ten, who thought we were busking for money!  We politely declined! Should'a put a hat down! 

Next up  was Wayne & Geradine Hemingway's VINTAGE FESTIVAL in the Fruit Market area which descended beautifully on Glasgow for the first time on Saturday 27th July. With the sun out to play, we spent the entire day mingling with the large crowds, performing intermittently throughout the day and generally bringing a bit of 1940's glamour and fun to the proceedings-as we do! We got such a lovely reaction each time, with so many people stopping to watch, video, chat & take pics with us! That evening we came home to find out we were on the BBC News website & Reporting Scotland! Result! Highlights of the day also included the Dr Marten's photo booth van, Mr Hemingway himself knowing who we were (yup!) & meeting many fabulously dressed individuals!! Our wonderful hair stylist from our Pin Up shoot, Ariana (aka Vanity Thrills was heading up the Vintage Salon & boy were they kept busy in there! Was lovely to see so many glamorous gals emerge with their new doos! Ariana styles at Miss Dixiebelles in Edinburgh. Here's a link! Miss Dixiebelle Styling

Here's us performing on the street

The next day it was back to the Merchant City, this time with The Dance House for one of their Family Dance Jukebox events. As this one was part of the festival, Merchant Sq was packed & what a crowd they were! Wehad little ones right through to grandparents up learning a Cupcake Stroll! Such good fun! We ventured outside later in the day to do it all over again and it was hit out on the street, as people came across us and stopped to join in on all the fun! Check out The Dance House website for their up and coming events!
The Dance House

Some more footage we filmed over the summer

It took us a week to recover from 4 days straight of gigging so hard and then it was time to party with a group of lovely Hens! A beautiful Bride-To-Be, Emma,  contacted us looking for us to host a Cupcake Dance Hen Party. Myself and Julieann led 20 gorgeous ladies in a Cupcake-inspired dance routine which they all LOVED and were so quick at picking up! The room, decked out in bunting and cakes, looked swell and all the ladies had dressed for the occasion. We even had a Land Girl! What a lovely evening it was and Emma had a ball. She was such a lovely girl and so appreciative! No standing (or falling off ) tables and no blow up grooms here-this was strictly classy and not rowdy at all but definitely tonnes of fun!

Last weekend proved to be another Cupcake marathon with 6 gigs in 4 days! A wedding in Quarriers Village which was soooooo pretty! You should've seen the cake table!! OH MY!!! Calorific! Then the following day it was a bright and early start at Dance Show Live at the SECC where 7 Cupcakes, including yummy mummies Kelly and Katrina who made their come back after mat leave, performed 2 mega sets! What a way to start back......... at a HUGE convention! Heehee! Deep end and all that!
with Jordan and Perri of Diversity at Dance Show Live 

Photo by Alan Duncan
Cupcakes Linzi, Katrina and Julieann then hotfooted it to Kirkintilloch Canal Festival to perform at the stunning Marina area! Our favourite compere, Greg Summers was ensuring  everything ran smoothly and as always was the master in plugging our website and our charity efforts!
 He's so good at what he does and such a great guy! Always enjoy working with him!
Photo by Alan Falconer

Sunday it was Cupcakes Kelly, Lynne and my turn to perform at the Canal Festival. The sun was out and so was the whole of Kirki! Mega packed throughout the town and what lovely audiences we had! Think this was our 4th year at the festival and it's always a joy!

A quick dash to Sainsbury's for a salad and then all 8 Cupcakes met at the Glasgow Hilton to lead a Cupcake Dance Class at The STV APPEAL DANCE MARATHON 2013. As the appeal is one of chosen charities ( and we had so much fun at last year's marathon) we were thrilled to be invited to lead a session by YDance who were organizing all the tutors. Our class was packed and celebs Des McLean, Sanjeev Kohli, Stephen Purdon and John Michie were great sports and were quick to learn our 'In the Mood' routine! Lots of banter and giggles afterwards ensued and everyone seemed really inspired by the class! Job done!

Here's just some footage from this weekend

Lastly on Monday, Cupcakes Katrina, Julieann and myself visited a care home in Motherwell for sufferers of Alzheimer's. We performed, had a sing-song and a blether! We had tears of joy and we were reminded once again how wonderful our job is! Amazing!

Amid all the gigging madness, Cupcakes Emma, Linzi and I had a night off and were honoured to be invited by the extremely talented boys of The Jive Aces to come along to a gig in Moodiesburn! WOW, we knew they were fab but hearing and seeing them live was something else! They are such showmen and true professionals. What a show they out on! We were delighted they took the time to come over and chat-such lovely, down-to-earth guys. I got a little surprise from them to.....pulled up on stage to be 'Marie'. No I was not planted and no I didn't have a clue! All good fun and went down well! See it here!

So, that'll be us slowing down now...NOT!!!!!!!!! September and October are already gearing up to be mental crazy busy months....just how we like it!

Lis xxxxx

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane??

It has come to our attention that life here in Cupcake Land is filled with perks. Awesome friendships, meeting new people, travel, performing at wonderful really is swell! 

But recently we have begun to wonder if in fact, being a Kennedy Cupcake comes with a superpower that all 9 of us possess & spark the second we don the outfit & red lippy. 

Seemingly closed carparks instantly open; barriers lift on request; traffic cones  swiftly shift & we find ourselves not confined or delayed by such things that when in civvies would present a problem. 
Carpark attendants, as we pull up at an event, find themselves compelled to let us through....and happily they do! The Cupcake Superpower takes hold & no 'NO ENTRY' or 'NO PARKING' sign is a barricade. 

Lost car keys, which at every gig according to Boss Cupcake Lisa 'are totally lost...never to be found!!!" miraculously reappear in the suitscase! It's remarkable!! 

The unsuspecting public who come in to contact with The Kennedy Cupcakes can't escape the Cupcake Superpower. They are drawn in by it's magnetism & find themselves being thoroughly entertained by show stoppin' routines & award winning smiles & stage presence. They enjoy themselves immensely & their lives are changed forever by it! It really is astounding! 

 But where does this Cupcake superpower lie? Is it in a Victory Roll? A perfectly shaped eyebrow?  Puckered pillar box red lips? Who can tell?!! Clark Kent ain't got nowt on this! No one really knows where the Cupcake superpower resides but when it takes hold there's nothing you can do but, dare I say it, smile & feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside! Cupcakeyness right there folks!

We, of course, never abuse our superpower & take the responsibility of having it seriously! When people are compelled to give us freebies, like cupcakes, we know it's the superpower taking hold & are respectful of it's ability to bowl people over! It, like any superpower, can have it's drawbacks. I mean, all that smiling from having so much fun can really hurt your cheeks!! It's truly awful.... I'm sure you'll sympathise! 

So we leave you now with a PUBLIC ADVICE NOTICE.

If you find yourself in the presence of these delectable darlings of the stage  & feel the superpower take not afraid...go with it, enjoy it, in fact, have a bloomin' marvellous time. Open that carpark, lift that barrier, hand over those're in good company, it's The Kennedy Cupcakes!!! 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Baking Cupcakes in the Green!

Oh it was a HOT one this weekend, performing at The Glasgow Show for the 5th year running! Wow, how time flies! We're always delighted to get a return gig & really enjoy the atmosphere of this two day family event at Glasgow Green.

The original plan to 'busk' throughout the park didn't come off too well, as we couldn't find anywhere suitable to pitch up & perform on Saturday after the parade. The noise from the stage areas & the fun fair rides was set to overpower us & anywhere quiet was unpopulated. Sooooo being Cupcake Boss I had to think fast...and before you could say 'please give us a performance space!', the Cupcake gals were strutting out on to the main arena! At first we felt like little ants, in this huge field with the crowds 20 feet away but our performance was received with a hearty applause & in this instance we couldn't complain of not having enough room to dance! 

And so it was agreed that on Sunday we'd split our performances between the Main Arena & Music Stage! This worked out beautifully for us & between sets, we happily mingled with the crowds for photos! 

The summer sun was of course welcomed but dancing in that heat proved very tiring! Thankfully we had our trusty parasols to help shade us in the interim & actually, they were a big hit with the official photographers for the event! So much so, we got front page on this week's Glaswegian! Result! 
 It's always such a joy to meet fellow performers at these types of events & quite often we see familiar faces whom we've worked with before! But this weekend was all about making new friends! We met the talented musicians & singers of The Waterfront Showband who'd only just played & had us boogieing the night away at Cupcake Lynne's wedding the previous weekend! 
We also met the lads of boy band Supanova who were just lovely. We especially liked them as they thought we were all around 21 years old! Thanks boys! Charmers! We caught up with one of our favourite comperes, Greg Summers
who always bigs us up no end & plugs our website continually! Star!

After a main Main Arena performance we were standing backstage cooling off when we were approached by a young gentleman in full military attire asking if we'd pose for a photo with 
The Royal Signals White Helmets

We obliged of course & before we knew it, we were balancing on the back of a quad bike for photos with the whole team & setting up a meet later to have a go on a motorbike! Love our job!  

So when all our performances were over, we headed down to meet the guys to have a go! What a fantastic show they put on! Wow! The stunts are incredible & all done with military precision, naturally! They really are experts in their field & everything is executed with a smile! Amazing! Be sure to check them out! 

Here's Cupcake Jules & Linzi getting a 'backy' from 'Gash'. We won't lie, the nickname did concern us slightly! But of course the girls were in safe hands. 

We had a blast performing & appearing at The Glasgow Show once again! We've received so many lovely photos, videos, tweets & Facebook messages from folks saying they loved us! We're thrilled our act was enjoyed by all & hope to be there next year! Maybe we could arrive on the back of a White Hemets's the Kennedy Cupcakes....anything's possible! 

Lisa x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Festival Fun in the Sun....we hope!

Hi Di Hi Campers!!

Lisa here!! Hope you're all enjoying our fabulous weather! Long may it continue. The Cupcake gals are venturing outside again this weekend so good weather is a must to keep the vintage hair doos in mint condition!

As many of the events we perform at are private functions, we thought you may like a little Gig Guide of the ones you can attend! We've had a great summer so far, performing at The Glasgow Mela, Stirling's Military Show & Glasgow's Armed Forces Day to name but a few, though after 2 weekends off (celebrating Lynnie's wedding for one!) we are ready to rock & first up is THE GLASGOW SHOW! 
Sadly, at the moment, we're unsure of where exactly we'll be performing (possibly in the VIP section only!) but we'll be parading from George's Sq on Sarurday at 11.30am & you'll no doubt see us in & around Glasgow Green if you're going along. Details here on Glasgow City Council's site. 

Next weekend we're moving into the Merchant City! From 25th-28th July, well we may as we'll pitch a tent in the Fruitmarket, as we're performing every day! 

Early Thursday & Friday evening, you'll find us on Ingram Street entertaining shoppers & passersby as the boutiques in & around the area stay open late to join the festival fun.

On Saturday 27th we are very excited to be part of Wayne Hemmingway's The Vintage Festival. Again we'll be performing throughout the day, in & around the Fruitmarket area. There's so much to see & do so be sure to get yourself down there. A vintage marketplace, cinema & hair salon, where our beautiful & talented pinup shoot stylist Ariana aka VANITY THRILLS will be creating masterpieces. Here's everything you need to know...

Finally on Sunday 28th, we'll be in Merchsnt Sq with Dance House for another fabulous Family Dance Jukebox event. Cone along & get boogieing with us! 

 "Dance Juke Box is a unique blend of performance and participation in a wide range of dance styles......high energy, fun opportunities to engage with dance for people of all ages and abilities"

So, I think that's enough for now...we won't even go into August with you yet! It's another jampacked extravaganza! 

Hope to see you at these fabulous events!

Lisa x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Haigy Gets Hitched!

On Saturday the whole Cupcake Clan headed to sunny Luss for the beautiful wedding of our gorgeous fellow Cupcake Lynne to her Prince Charming, Steven! Cupcake Evette & boyfriend Gerry even flew in from Paris for the special occasion which we were all very excited about. Always super to see our lil' Eva. We miss her so much! 

Cupcake Kelly had the earliest of starts, on the road at 7am armed with her box of tricks ready to have the blushing Bride & Bridesmaids looking perfect as official makeup artist of the day. When she left the ceremony saying she 'had to now go get ready', I could hardly believe she didn't even have a stitch of makeup on....she looked gorgeous!! I thought she WAS ready!!!

Myself & wee sis, Cupcake Emma also had a special role to play in the day's proceedings. The Bride & Groom-To-Be, when they were planning their big day, had asked us both to sing at the service & chose  'I'll Always Be Right There' by Bryan Adams. It had been Emma & Martin's first dance song at their wedding & Lynne & Steven loved it & it's touching lyrics were just perfect for their ceremony. What an honour to be asked to sing at their wedding & although we were a little nervous as we stood up to begin,  we managed to perform it without blubbering (always emotional at a wedding!) & received lots of lovely compliments throughout the day which told us we must've pulled it off.  

The happy couple looked like those models you get in wedding magazines. Honestly, what a handsome couple they make. Our Lynnie was radiant & just beamed the entire day. Steven couldn't keep his eyes off his stunning bride & gave such a beautiful speech about marrying his 'best friend'. 

After a stunning afternoon sipping champagne on the lawn overlooking the Loch, a scrummy wedding breakfast, brilliant speeches from the top table & a good old catch up natter with the entire  Cupcake gang (the lads too!), it was time to boogie the night away!
The Cupcake gals were one of the first groups to hit the dance floor as you can imagine & what a blast we had. Lynnie was on top form as always, busting some serious moves, including a leg-guitar in her beautiful lace gown! The dance floor was packed the entire night & the usual Cupcake banter round the table ensued. It really was a corker day! 

That's our Lynnie Mrs Percy now! As she jets off on honeymoon with Steven, we want to wish them a lifetime of love, laughter & adventure. They are a perfect match & we're just thrilled to have been part of their day! It's memories like this that make Cupcake Life even sweeter! 

Who's next to walk down the aisle we wonder??!!!

Lisa xxx

Friday, 28 June 2013

Pin Up Protocol for Photo Shoot Perfection!

      The Kennedy Cupcakes have first hand experience of preparing to be photographed and  following on from our Pin Up shoot with Autumn Leaf Studios for our charity postcard collection, we thought we'd share our TOP TIPS for preparing and nailing that Pin Up/Retro Photo shoot!

TOP TIP #1 Lisa says " Do you research!! Look at pin-up images and choose which styles and poses you like. Decide on your outfit and be sure to have tried it on so that you're absolutely comfortable in your choice. Maybe have a backup outfit too and lots of accessories are a must. To get the pin-up look just right, choose flattering garments that suit your shape and that make you feel good! Poodle skirts, wiggle dresses, high-waisted shorts and wrap dresses are all reminiscent of the style of the Golden Era and suit most body types" 

TOP TIP #2 Julieann says " Practice you poses! This is a must prior to the shoot, as you want to feel comfortable in front of the camera and be happy with your final images! Put your outfit on, get in front of a full length mirror and have a go at some of your favorites! Or even ask a mate or loved one to take some snaps on your phone which will allow you to have a peek and decide what you like!
Some will work.....others won't but at least you'll know in advance! If you have a prop you'd like to use, ensure you've also tried posing with that, giving yourself loads of options on the day. Also, think of what you'll do with your face! Smiling, pouting, the pin-up gasp, smizing (smiling with your eyes according to Tyra Banks). You don't want to be a one-trick pony, so test some different facial expressions in the mirror and see what you prefer! You'll feel far more confident if you've practiced!!"

TOP TIP #3 Kelly says " If you're doing your own makeup, be sure to wear a matte foundation! Don't forget your lip liner to avoid your lippy bleeding and for a true pin-up look wear pillar box red lipstick. For vintage hairstyles, go to You Tube and you'll find tonnes of step-by-step tutorials. Again, if you're doing your own hair and make up, practice in advance of the shoot day to ensure you've nailed the style/look you want! There's a retro hairstyle for everyone so just have fun trying out different looks and see what suits you. If you're having it styled by a professional, take along photos of the doos you like so you get exactly what you're looking for"
 TOP TIP #4 Carol says " Make sure you're in top tip condition! Nails painted (toes too), fake tan on (to give you a healthy glow not a 'you've been Tango'ed' look), de-fuzz (everywhere!), fake lashes....everything you'd do before a big event or a summer holiday! Drink plenty of water the week of your shoot for clear skin, eat well and healthily and get a good night's sleep! If you want to look and feel your best on the day then you gotta put in a little prep beforehand!"

TOP TIP #5 Linzi says " Listen to your photographer! They are the experts and will want you to look your best so trust in their advice. They'll help you elongate your neck, get the best pose for your body....accentuate your assests! If they don't think something is working they'll tell you, so if you've done your homework, just give them another pose and before you know it, you'll have aced it!"
TOP TIP #6 Lynne says " Have kirbies, pins, boobie-tape, hairspray, baby oil (for a healthy leg glow) and alike to hand. Buttons may pop, hair may need adjusted and if you've got a little bag of tricks close by it means you won't stress if there's a wardrobe malfunction" 

TOP TIP #7 Emma says "Point your toes and relax your hands! Switch on those abs and drop the shoulders! A lot to think about but worth it, as you'll be perfectly positioned and looking super elongated. It'll all in detail so think like a model and give the camera the best version of you! The camera loves you baby" 

TOP TIP #8 Katrina "Relax! This is supposed to be fun!!! Get a little cheeky in front of the camera-your photographer will love it as it gives them more options to shoot! Pout, wink and turn on your pin-up alter ego! If music helps to relax, ask your photographer to put on the radio"

We LOVED our Pin Up Shoot with Autumn Leaf Studios! Such fun and just look at the images we got! All the tips above were followed by each Cupcake and was definitely worth it, don't you think?!!!  

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Clap Your Hands if You're Dead???!!!

Sincere apologies for the lengthy gap in blog posts recently peeps but it's been a busy few weeks following the launch of our charity pin up postcard collection in collaboration with Autumn Leaf Studios & I just ain't had the time to put pencil to paper (or in this case, index finger to iPhone screen) or to engage the brain to compile something worthy of reading! 

The press coverage of our charitable efforts has been wonderful! The Glaswegian, Evening Times & Real Radio News, to name but a few, have been a great support in getting the word out  about the postcards & it's been fun promoting them here, there & everywhere! 

I took a trip to the Capital a few weeks back to record an interview for BFBS Scotland at Dreghorn Barracks! The lovely Mark McKenzie is always so welcoming & I managed to do the interview without sounding too god-awful . I ain't got a voice for radio (a face maybe, but not a voice!) that's for sure.

 I actually returned to the garrison last week as a guest at the station's official launch party. Becoming a regular up there! Not gonna's always a wee teensy bit scary driving up to the gates to be greeted by a perfectly friendly soldier....wielding a rifle!! Should make you feel safe, I know but I always drive a little slower & stand a little straighter in there. 

Aside from the promotional trail I've been on, The Kennedy Cupcakes' Summer of Fun 2013 has officially begun & we're LOVING the nice weather we've been blessed with at our outdoor gigs thus far!
God must have got the memo on that one! So far we've been living la vida loca at the Glasgow Mela, which was, in all honesty a CRACKER of an event! 1000s packed in to Kelvingrove Park on Sun 16th June to enjoy a plethora of cultural gems-music, food, dance galore! We hit the World Stage at 17.45pm to perform to an eager crowd & they (& we) loved every second! Proud moment indeed! We met the delightful, ├╝ber talented boys of London-based The Dohl Foundation backstage! These guys are world class & have featured on The Royal Variety Performance & The 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony no less. Awesome how we get to meet such a talented, lovely peeps! 

We also get to meet some, ermm, interesting folks too! On Saturday we were at one of our all time favourite events- The Stirling Military Show!  As Linzi was getting some lunch, minding her own business, a man (refraining from any eye contact) whispered to her
'Clap your hands if you're dead'. She subsequently, didn't (that is, clap her hands) & quickly side stepped, body swerving him big style!  We can only imagine he thought she was actually
from the 1940s, dressed in her Cupcake clobber & thought he was having a 'I see dead people' episode. Mmmmm! 

Soooo this weekend we are Glasgow bound for the city's Armed Forces Day Celebrations in George's Square! Always a lovely event & such a great tribute to our troops. 6 Cupcakes will be lighting up the stage & doing the usual meet & greet stuff throughout the day! Always a giggle & such an honour to be involved!

So as you can see, I've not been sitting about doing in Cupcake Land is super sweet & we're loving every minute....even when creepy dudes think you're dead! 

Lis x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Memories are Made of This

When Up Next Studios agreed to film our Pin Up shoot with the guys at Autumn Leaf Studios, like every Cupcake project, the idea grew arms & legs & before long we were creating Kennedy Cupcakes: The Movie. After meeting Graham to brainstorm, we quickly came to the conclusion that, as we were marking our 4th birthday in such a big way, that the film should also include memories & the highlights of the last 4 years

So after one brainstorming session comes another & in 4 years A LOT has happened, so we Cupcakes got together, armed with tea & coffee, several sheets of paper & a pen & started to jot down Cupcake memories. It was amazing seeing it all there down on paper.....4 years of laughter, tears (usually of joy!), triumphs & the most fun ever!

I pulled out the list the other day & read it again...thought it might be nice to share some of the things written....

"The time Carol came offstage & discovered she'd been dancing the whole time with a pair of rolled up tights stuck in her trouser leg & then wondered how they didn't make an appearance on the floor mid dance"

"The HUGE gig where the sound guy was so interested in eating his crisps that he looked up, thought we were finished & pressed STOP mid dance & we had to act our bahookies off all the way off the dance floor in total silence. Thanks mate!"

"The time when the Glen Miller Band's bus had broken down & we had to entertain a packed auditorium of disgruntled fans....and 3 steps into the dance l accidentally kicked a lady & then had to dance in front of her for 15mins solid as her daughter held on to her as if I'd kick her again"

"The gig where Kelly put in Emma's sailor costume only to discover Emma has the shortest body ever & poor Kelly had to give herself a wedgie just to get it to fit"

"The performance where Linzi nearly was strangled by her hat, ran side of stage to get Katrina to fix it, who was blissfully unaware anything was wrong & just smiled & clapped at Linzi as she wrestled with the hat"

We made a list of sayings & funny traits that we all see in ourselves & each other...stuff that entertains us no end at gigs backstage .....

Jules LOVES green tea but no one ever has it at gigs & she always forgets to bring tea bags with her. At any gig you'll hear her ask 'Have you got GREEN tea?

I always lose my keys at gigs! Always! There's forever a mad panic as stuff flies out of the Cupcake case, as I frantically rummage, convinced they're gone forever! They never are!

Linzi's "If you Smile no one looks at your Pants" statement at The Glasgow Show! A rule we live by now!

The many hilarious Lynne-isms & moments. One being, the time she painted her Hunter wellies with Dulux paint 'cause she didn't like the colour!

Best moments included....
The Vows Awards 2011
Performing on the Hour
Tug o War with soldiers at Armed Forces Day
Classic Car Show Birmingham
The 90h birthday party

More to follow.....

Lisa x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Post Show Blues Make Me Smile

Cupcake Lisa here!

So our Charity Pin Up Postcard images have went LIVE this week & so far, the response has been fabulous! So much love & support & the press interest has been phenomenal! We're super excited to start selling the postcards & hopefully raise loads for our 2 chosen charities, ERSKINE & The STV Appeal!

After our lovely reveal evening last Saturday at Autumn Leaf Studios, I awoke on the Sunday with a heavy heart. What a wonderful get together it was, with over 50 guests, in this stunning venue, celebrating 4 years of Cupcake fun! PERFECT! I can only liken the feeling to the post-show blues that, since I was little, I have been prone to getting after a performance or a big event. Even as a flower girl at a wedding when I was 5, I was struck down by this horrible sadness that it was all over. What can I say....I've always loved a show!! With over 55 Cupcakes gigs last year alone, I thankfully haven't suffered this gloominess with every performance but something about last Saturday's event made me feel something.

With any event you plan so much goes into the smallest of details. The who's, what's, where's & ifs are deliberated over & fine tuned to ensure it all goes swimmingly. For us, we wanted our guests to have a lovely evening-to feel at ease & relaxed & enjoy our performance, the reveal of the photos & everything else we had in store. But in addition, I personally wanted to ensure the Cupcake girls had fun & that photographers Stevie & Matt & the Autumn Leaf Studios staff felt that it was all worthwhile. All the hard work from everyone needed a huge thank you from me & this evening was it! It was also, of course, with all of their help, that the night was able to go ahead. The support throughout was just phenomenal.

It was such a buzz to look around the room & see all our friends, family & supporters together, enjoying an evening with us, being happy for us & everything we've achieved. Everyone had a fabulous time & the response to the photos & the preview of our Up Next Studios documentary was overwhelming. The atmosphere was just perfect & the evening flowed beautifully. I sighed a hint of relief when I stepped down from my perch, as the 6 page speech was finally over....& nobody had fallen asleep.

Anyone who puts their heart & soul into creating something will say that they get such a thrill in doing so but that it's other people's enjoyment of your creation that adds that touch of sparkle! The Kennedy Cupcakes have always aimed to bring smiles to the faces of all our audiences & to see my Cupcakes beam as they saw their photos for the first time & to see Stevie & Matt's reaction to everyone's praise & delight...well, that was the icing on the 4th birthday CUPcake for me!

The Kennedy Cupcakes is my baby. Immensely proud & sometimes over protective, it's my job to make sure that we are always true to ourselves & be the best we can be. Last Sunday's post show blues just reminds me of how much I care & that I still have the passion for what I do! And that's all I need to know!

Over & out,

Cupcake Lisa x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Our Secret's Out!!!!!!!!

Well our naughty little secret's out.....and we're THRILLED!! Been so difficult to keep schtum but finally we can tell all!!!

To celebrate 4 fabulous years of The Kennedy Cupcakes, we are thrilled to announce that we have, once again, teamed up Autumn Leaf Studios, Hamilton in a very exciting charity project, creating a stunning CUPCAKE CHARITY PIN UP POSTCARD COLLECTION!!!!!!

It was at the end of our last shoot in January, with talented photographers, Stevie Weir & Matt Hird, that Stevie said “So what are we doing next?”. Knowing me, I had an idea poised and ready for him. As a troupe, we’d often spoke of producing something for charity to mark our 4th birthday and had dreamt of doing a pin up postcard collection. Amazingly Stevie and Matt were on board to make that dream come true and 3 weeks ago all 9 Cupcakes descended on Autumn Leaf Studios once again, including the beautiful Evette who flew in from Paris especially!

Behind the scenes, this shoot took 3 months to plan, with us all brainstorming on a secret Facebook page…swapping ideas, discussing outfits, backdrop colours, props, themes…you name it! Stevie and Matt were no doubt demented with the influx of posts each day from all 9 Cupcakes nattering about hot pants, corsets and such like but they once again supported us throughout and went to great lengths to have everything in place for us. So much so, that Stevie built a crate for Evette to sit on. Above and beyond the call of duty!!

The shoot itself was such a great day and we all had so much fun. The usual Cupcake banter and antics ensued and we all really enjoyed the process. This time it was a 10 hour stint and Stevie and Matt worked flat out all day to make sure they had the shots just perfect, super supportive throughout, putting us all at ease.

The wonderful images created will make up a collection of postcards that will go on sale in the next few weeks, in support of our chosen charities. For 2013, we’ve selected two charities to donate to: ERSKINE, the veterans charity who have been looking after our ex-Service men and women in Scotland for almost 100 years & The STV Appeal, who help children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland.

I had the extremely, almost impossible task of selecting THE image for each Cupcake (Stevie had kindly narrowed it down to 5 per girl first!). I mean it isn’t hard to take a good photo of the gorgeous Cupcake girls but Stevie and Matt turned us in to Pin Ups and we couldn’t have asked for anything more wonderful! Their photography is world class and we are extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such lovely, friendly and super talented photographers!

We were also very lucky to have an amazing make up and hair styling team on board. Ariana Marcantonia aka Vanity Thrills and make up artist Justyna were nothing short of brilliant on the day. They are both masters of their craft and had us all looking and feeling stunning! We can’t thank these talented ladies enough for all their help.

So, without further are the photographs! Details of how to purchase the collection in support of both worthy causes will be available the meantime....enjoy x

Lisa x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cupcake How To: Become a Disney Princess!

It never ceases to amaze us Cupcake gals the amount of lovely, super talented folks we know! Over the 4 years we've been together, we've got to know so many clever, creative & very generous peeps that have, without a doubt, helped us to get where we are today!

As we ventured in to 2013, we struck up a new relationship with the extremely talented photographers of Autumn Leaf Studios, Hamilton which led to the sensational Golden Era Starlets shoot we did in January (see blog post).

Following the shoot, one of the photographers Stevie, got in touch one day to say he'd suggested to colleague Lynsey Schaschke that she may like to draw each Cupcake. Lynsey, an Honours Graduate of Dundee University in Animation, took up the challenge & got to work on each of the 9 Cupcakes' drawings.

As she worked on them, we got to see just a few sneak peeks of her sketches (which looked amazing!) but we could never have guessed how AWESOME they would be once finished!

We've all secretly wished we were a Disney Princess...and Lynsey's made this dream come true!

We recommend you check Lynsey's work out at

She's such a talented girl (a lovely person to boot) & we're simply honoured she agreed to draw us. What a gorgeous birthday pressie that was!

Another honorary Cupcake in the clan! Thanks Lynsey! We salute you!