Friday, 11 January 2013

Cupcakes Step Back in Time on Photoshoot

Happy New Year Cupcakers!

Cupcakes Emma, Katrina and Carol keeping cozy at the shoot
Having had a substantial break from blogging (bad Cupcakes!), we really do plan to post more of our antics in Cupcake Land in 2013! Promise!!! After all there'll plenty to write about.... we sure are busy bees!

We were delighted to receive some beautiful photos over the Christmas break of our Summerlee photo shoot from photographer Olivia Vitazkova. We had a super time on a gorgeous November day shooting at Summerlee Heritage Centre in Coatbridge  (a stone's throw away from Cupcake Towers)

What a fab family day out it is! Highly recommend it- so much to see & do. We'd performed at their Jubilee celebrations in June & kept it in mind as a photo shoot location, given that they have 1940s & 1950s themed living rooms, as well as other lovely locations on site perfect for us.

Stunning image of Emma

Our favourite image from the shoot

Christmas Capers

Dancing in the street-Summerlee is just a wonderful place to step back in time

Cupcake Katrina looking glam as ever

We'd met Olivia in September 2011 at our promo video shoot. She'd taken some beautiful behind-the-scenes shots on the day, so when she said she'd like to team up with us again, we jumped at the chance.  We're absolutely delighted with the photos & have had lovely feedback on our Facebook page so far.  A talented lady indeed & it was just a joy to work with Olivia on the day.

Be sure to check out her work. She's Glasgow based & available for all your photography needs. 

No strings!-Cupcakes Emma and Linzi 

We have another shoot booked with another fabulous photographer at the end of this sure to keep you posted! It's gonna be very glam!

Toodle pip for now


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