Monday, 21 January 2013

Audrey Hepburn and Friends at Autumn Leaf Studios

When Autumn Leaf Studios in Hamilton got in touch to say they'd like to work with us we literally jumped at the chance. Having taken Cupcake Mascot Arnie there (see below) for a photo shoot last year and been totally thrilled at the images produced, I was honored and super excited that photographers Stevie Weir and Matt Hird were keen to photograph the Cupcake gals, knowing whatever we decided to do, we'd get some fabulous shots.

Autumn Leaf Studios has the WOW FACTOR as soon as you step in the door. Such a light, spacious, welcoming reception area: amazing studios, fully equipped with everything you can imagine you'd need for a shoot; a stunning gallery of some of their photography and a comfortable viewing room (which subsequently we took over with all our Cupcake clobber, ahem, essentials!). The studios are really an impressive location and having never been before, all the Cupcakes were amazed at the space.
In advance of the shoot, Stevie had cleverly created a private Facebook page where we could all share images and ideas. I was keen to do a Hollywood Starlets-themed shoot and also, something that we've never done before- an entire shoot in black and white! Stevie liked the idea and we all set to work picking photographs of Golden Era actresses that we felt we could emulate. Images agreed, outfits and accessories gathered and hair styles selected, to be re-created by the wonderful Champagne Charly of PinUps Hair and Makeup..... we were all ready to go!

Arrival time was 9.30am on Sunday and as usual, all the Cupcakes trooped in lugging a gizillion bags, including Linzi who had brought "those all important snacks". We soon got to work on the first image, which was of Emma posing as Jane Russell. We quickly realized just how professional and passionate both Stevie and Matt are about photography, with both of them determined to get everything just right, to re-create the original image perfectly. Lighting, positioning, facial expression...everything was treated with the utmost importance.

Us Cupcakes have become accustomed to being photographed of course but it's usually when we're on stage and in full swing of a routine and unaware that we are being captured. It becomes a little different when you're placed in front of a camera in a studio and you suddenly have to become......... JANE RUSSELL!!! Both Stevie and Matt were just superb to work with-friendly, chilled & supportive allowing each Cupcake to relax in to their shoot and not feel too self conscious!

Before long we were in full swing of the shoot, with Charly whipping our hair in to a frenzy in no-time, producing amazing re-creations of the styles in the original photographs. There was a lot of ooooing and ahhhing as each Cupcake was revealed and everyone felt and looked amazing! Jane Russell, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Linda Darnell, Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn....we thought we'd give ourselves and Autumn leaf Studios a challenge.

We didn't foresee us having to literally take over the entire studio when Stevie said "mi casa su casa" in a previous email but we actually did take over! Couches were overturned, the reception desk completely cleared, photo frames taken down off the walls......the guys were determined to get each shot as accurate as possible and boy, did they make it happen!

We had such fun helping each other nail the shot and it was an eye-opener to watch Matt and Stevie work-talking photography lingo as we looked on, head tilted,  trying  to look like we knew what they meant! They were super at directing us also which was a HUGE help as it's difficult to know what you look like, as well as re-create an image of someone else.

The usual Cupcake antics went on throughout the day....we like a laugh as most will know and I'm pretty sure the boys went home with their ears ringing of our banter and giggles. Lie down in darkened room boys and it'll go away soon! Here's a behind-the scenes video

The result?? The images speak for themselves. We are just in AWE! Autumn Leaf Studios is a force to be reckoned with. We could not have imagined how amazing the photos would be and each and everyone of us is completely thrilled with our image.

It's day like this that get locked away in the Cupcake memory bank. It's not everyday you get to dress up, have your hair styled, pose for talented photographers and walk away with an image that makes you feel's all possible in Cupcake Land and definitely at Autumn Leaf Studios!

A huge thanks to PinUps Hair, Autumn Leaf Studios and of course my Cupcake never cease to amaze and inspire me

Love Cupcake Lisa x

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