Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cupcakes go all Designer!

You'll have guessed that, here at Cupcake HQ, we love all things cupcake & that does not exclude the edible kind! Oh no! Although we do like to keep a healthy diet, we're partial to something a lil' sweet every now & then, so when a very kind invitation from Lesley Kinnaird of Designer Cupcakes came through, we knew it had to be good!

Lesley's famous cupcake decorating masterclasses have become ever-increasingly popular since she launched her business in 2011 (which we were honoured to perform at the launch of) & it really is a way for people of ages to enjoy the 'baking' experience without getting all hot & bothered at the oven!
SOLD! Said I!

The Cupcake gals were all super keen to attend & having never baked, & certainly never decorated a cake, I was particularly eager to get started! On arrival, Lesley being the perfect hostess, took our coats, offered us some bubbly or fruit juice, gave us our own Designer Cupcake apron & let me us settle in to our places at a gorgeous table neatly arranged with all our tools & ingredients!

Before long Lesley had us creating roses from icing, to decorate pre-made (by her fair hands) red velvet cupcakes. Yummmm! Her step by step guide was so clear & easy to follow & lots of ooooohs & ahhhhhs could be heard across the table as we all admired each others' handiwork. Rolling, pinching, pressing & placing & we could've fooled anyone we knew what we were doing!

I was a little slow on the uptake (my icing was too sticky!), I have to admit but caught up soon enough & made a beautiful, perfectly formed rose. Soon we were on to making leaves. Press, wiggle & push! We were pros! Lastly, it was piping! Oooooft that scary!! One rogue squeeze & your neighbour's wearing it! Eeeeek! Thankfully Lesley was on hand throughout to guide us all....ensuring that everyone created the perfect cupcake! We learned so much about icing, cake baking, handy tips about freezing & how to get great effects from simple techniques. Amazing & interesting stuff actually!

Then Lesley explained that what differentiates a cupcake from a DESIGNER CUPCAKE is....glitter!! Well, that was us sold! Show me a dancer who doesn't like a bit of sparkle! A light dusting (or in Lynne's case-a shower!) later & everyone's cupcakes looked amazing!

We each decorated 2 cupcakes-one of which was devoured there & then & the other we proudly paraded at home! I gave mine to hubby-grudgingly! He loved it & was very impressed at my efforts!

We had such a lovely evening with Lesley. She's a fabulous person & a wonderful teacher! We felt so welcome & at ease with her. She's such a pro & leads her classes so efficiently but with fun & laughter added to the mix! I found the whole experience quite relaxing. I concentrated where I needed to but was still able to chill out & soak up the atmosphere & enjoy the chat around the table!

The Kennedy Cupcakes HIGHLY RECOMMEND Designer Cupcakes for cupcakes & of course, cupcake masterclasses! Based in Oswald Street, Glasgow they can cater to your every cupcake command! Be sure to LIKE their Facebook page & check out their website www.designercupcakes.biz. Hen parties, family gatherings, birthdays....these cupcakes & classes will be just the treat!

A huge thank you to Lesley for such a lovely evening!

Lisa x

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