Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Memories are Made of This

When Up Next Studios agreed to film our Pin Up shoot with the guys at Autumn Leaf Studios, like every Cupcake project, the idea grew arms & legs & before long we were creating Kennedy Cupcakes: The Movie. After meeting Graham to brainstorm, we quickly came to the conclusion that, as we were marking our 4th birthday in such a big way, that the film should also include memories & the highlights of the last 4 years

So after one brainstorming session comes another & in 4 years A LOT has happened, so we Cupcakes got together, armed with tea & coffee, several sheets of paper & a pen & started to jot down Cupcake memories. It was amazing seeing it all there down on paper.....4 years of laughter, tears (usually of joy!), triumphs & the most fun ever!

I pulled out the list the other day & read it again...thought it might be nice to share some of the things written....

"The time Carol came offstage & discovered she'd been dancing the whole time with a pair of rolled up tights stuck in her trouser leg & then wondered how they didn't make an appearance on the floor mid dance"

"The HUGE gig where the sound guy was so interested in eating his crisps that he looked up, thought we were finished & pressed STOP mid dance & we had to act our bahookies off all the way off the dance floor in total silence. Thanks mate!"

"The time when the Glen Miller Band's bus had broken down & we had to entertain a packed auditorium of disgruntled fans....and 3 steps into the dance l accidentally kicked a lady & then had to dance in front of her for 15mins solid as her daughter held on to her as if I'd kick her again"

"The gig where Kelly put in Emma's sailor costume only to discover Emma has the shortest body ever & poor Kelly had to give herself a wedgie just to get it to fit"

"The performance where Linzi nearly was strangled by her hat, ran side of stage to get Katrina to fix it, who was blissfully unaware anything was wrong & just smiled & clapped at Linzi as she wrestled with the hat"

We made a list of sayings & funny traits that we all see in ourselves & each other...stuff that entertains us no end at gigs backstage .....

Jules LOVES green tea but no one ever has it at gigs & she always forgets to bring tea bags with her. At any gig you'll hear her ask 'Have you got GREEN tea?

I always lose my keys at gigs! Always! There's forever a mad panic as stuff flies out of the Cupcake case, as I frantically rummage, convinced they're gone forever! They never are!

Linzi's "If you Smile no one looks at your Pants" statement at The Glasgow Show! A rule we live by now!

The many hilarious Lynne-isms & moments. One being, the time she painted her Hunter wellies with Dulux paint 'cause she didn't like the colour!

Best moments included....
The Vows Awards 2011
Performing on the Hour
Tug o War with soldiers at Armed Forces Day
Classic Car Show Birmingham
The 90h birthday party

More to follow.....

Lisa x

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