Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Clap Your Hands if You're Dead???!!!

Sincere apologies for the lengthy gap in blog posts recently peeps but it's been a busy few weeks following the launch of our charity pin up postcard collection in collaboration with Autumn Leaf Studios & I just ain't had the time to put pencil to paper (or in this case, index finger to iPhone screen) or to engage the brain to compile something worthy of reading! 

The press coverage of our charitable efforts has been wonderful! The Glaswegian, Evening Times & Real Radio News, to name but a few, have been a great support in getting the word out  about the postcards & it's been fun promoting them here, there & everywhere! 

I took a trip to the Capital a few weeks back to record an interview for BFBS Scotland at Dreghorn Barracks! The lovely Mark McKenzie is always so welcoming & I managed to do the interview without sounding too god-awful . I ain't got a voice for radio (a face maybe, but not a voice!) that's for sure.

 I actually returned to the garrison last week as a guest at the station's official launch party. Becoming a regular up there! Not gonna lie...it's always a wee teensy bit scary driving up to the gates to be greeted by a perfectly friendly soldier....wielding a rifle!! Should make you feel safe, I know but I always drive a little slower & stand a little straighter in there. 

Aside from the promotional trail I've been on, The Kennedy Cupcakes' Summer of Fun 2013 has officially begun & we're LOVING the nice weather we've been blessed with at our outdoor gigs thus far!
God must have got the memo on that one! So far we've been living la vida loca at the Glasgow Mela, which was, in all honesty a CRACKER of an event! 1000s packed in to Kelvingrove Park on Sun 16th June to enjoy a plethora of cultural gems-music, food, dance galore! We hit the World Stage at 17.45pm to perform to an eager crowd & they (& we) loved every second! Proud moment indeed! We met the delightful, ├╝ber talented boys of London-based The Dohl Foundation backstage! These guys are world class & have featured on The Royal Variety Performance & The 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony no less. Awesome how we get to meet such a talented, lovely peeps! 

We also get to meet some, ermm, interesting folks too! On Saturday we were at one of our all time favourite events- The Stirling Military Show!  As Linzi was getting some lunch, minding her own business, a man (refraining from any eye contact) whispered to her
'Clap your hands if you're dead'. She subsequently, didn't (that is, clap her hands) & quickly side stepped, body swerving him big style!  We can only imagine he thought she was actually
from the 1940s, dressed in her Cupcake clobber & thought he was having a 'I see dead people' episode. Mmmmm! 

Soooo this weekend we are Glasgow bound for the city's Armed Forces Day Celebrations in George's Square! Always a lovely event & such a great tribute to our troops. 6 Cupcakes will be lighting up the stage & doing the usual meet & greet stuff throughout the day! Always a giggle & such an honour to be involved!

So as you can see, I've not been sitting about doing nowt....life in Cupcake Land is super sweet & we're loving every minute....even when creepy dudes think you're dead! 

Lis x

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