Thursday, 25 July 2013

Baking Cupcakes in the Green!

Oh it was a HOT one this weekend, performing at The Glasgow Show for the 5th year running! Wow, how time flies! We're always delighted to get a return gig & really enjoy the atmosphere of this two day family event at Glasgow Green.

The original plan to 'busk' throughout the park didn't come off too well, as we couldn't find anywhere suitable to pitch up & perform on Saturday after the parade. The noise from the stage areas & the fun fair rides was set to overpower us & anywhere quiet was unpopulated. Sooooo being Cupcake Boss I had to think fast...and before you could say 'please give us a performance space!', the Cupcake gals were strutting out on to the main arena! At first we felt like little ants, in this huge field with the crowds 20 feet away but our performance was received with a hearty applause & in this instance we couldn't complain of not having enough room to dance! 

And so it was agreed that on Sunday we'd split our performances between the Main Arena & Music Stage! This worked out beautifully for us & between sets, we happily mingled with the crowds for photos! 

The summer sun was of course welcomed but dancing in that heat proved very tiring! Thankfully we had our trusty parasols to help shade us in the interim & actually, they were a big hit with the official photographers for the event! So much so, we got front page on this week's Glaswegian! Result! 
 It's always such a joy to meet fellow performers at these types of events & quite often we see familiar faces whom we've worked with before! But this weekend was all about making new friends! We met the talented musicians & singers of The Waterfront Showband who'd only just played & had us boogieing the night away at Cupcake Lynne's wedding the previous weekend! 
We also met the lads of boy band Supanova who were just lovely. We especially liked them as they thought we were all around 21 years old! Thanks boys! Charmers! We caught up with one of our favourite comperes, Greg Summers
who always bigs us up no end & plugs our website continually! Star!

After a main Main Arena performance we were standing backstage cooling off when we were approached by a young gentleman in full military attire asking if we'd pose for a photo with 
The Royal Signals White Helmets

We obliged of course & before we knew it, we were balancing on the back of a quad bike for photos with the whole team & setting up a meet later to have a go on a motorbike! Love our job!  

So when all our performances were over, we headed down to meet the guys to have a go! What a fantastic show they put on! Wow! The stunts are incredible & all done with military precision, naturally! They really are experts in their field & everything is executed with a smile! Amazing! Be sure to check them out! 

Here's Cupcake Jules & Linzi getting a 'backy' from 'Gash'. We won't lie, the nickname did concern us slightly! But of course the girls were in safe hands. 

We had a blast performing & appearing at The Glasgow Show once again! We've received so many lovely photos, videos, tweets & Facebook messages from folks saying they loved us! We're thrilled our act was enjoyed by all & hope to be there next year! Maybe we could arrive on the back of a White Hemets's the Kennedy Cupcakes....anything's possible! 

Lisa x

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