Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cupcakes Are Go!!!!!

Cupcake Lisa here troops! Oh my, what busy Cupcakes we've been over the last few weeks! So busy we ain't had time to blog! Our sincere apologies! But hey, that means there's oodles of fabby stuff to fill you in on!!

Where do I start?! Well thanks to the Merchant City Festival, us Cupcake gals were kept uber busy between 25-28th July! Firstly, we spent 2 glorious evenings, flash mobbing (not flashing, flash mobbing!) passersby on the steps of the Gallery of Modern Art & in & around the Merchant City, entertaining them with some Cupcake routines & promoting the festival! All good fun, with lots of surprised, smiley faces as people stumbled across us in the street! We did get offered a tenner from a gentleman "for our cause", who may or may not have been under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or ten, who thought we were busking for money!  We politely declined! Should'a put a hat down! 

Next up  was Wayne & Geradine Hemingway's VINTAGE FESTIVAL in the Fruit Market area which descended beautifully on Glasgow for the first time on Saturday 27th July. With the sun out to play, we spent the entire day mingling with the large crowds, performing intermittently throughout the day and generally bringing a bit of 1940's glamour and fun to the proceedings-as we do! We got such a lovely reaction each time, with so many people stopping to watch, video, chat & take pics with us! That evening we came home to find out we were on the BBC News website & Reporting Scotland! Result! Highlights of the day also included the Dr Marten's photo booth van, Mr Hemingway himself knowing who we were (yup!) & meeting many fabulously dressed individuals!! Our wonderful hair stylist from our Pin Up shoot, Ariana (aka Vanity Thrills was heading up the Vintage Salon & boy were they kept busy in there! Was lovely to see so many glamorous gals emerge with their new doos! Ariana styles at Miss Dixiebelles in Edinburgh. Here's a link! Miss Dixiebelle Styling

Here's us performing on the street

The next day it was back to the Merchant City, this time with The Dance House for one of their Family Dance Jukebox events. As this one was part of the festival, Merchant Sq was packed & what a crowd they were! Wehad little ones right through to grandparents up learning a Cupcake Stroll! Such good fun! We ventured outside later in the day to do it all over again and it was hit out on the street, as people came across us and stopped to join in on all the fun! Check out The Dance House website for their up and coming events!
The Dance House

Some more footage we filmed over the summer

It took us a week to recover from 4 days straight of gigging so hard and then it was time to party with a group of lovely Hens! A beautiful Bride-To-Be, Emma,  contacted us looking for us to host a Cupcake Dance Hen Party. Myself and Julieann led 20 gorgeous ladies in a Cupcake-inspired dance routine which they all LOVED and were so quick at picking up! The room, decked out in bunting and cakes, looked swell and all the ladies had dressed for the occasion. We even had a Land Girl! What a lovely evening it was and Emma had a ball. She was such a lovely girl and so appreciative! No standing (or falling off ) tables and no blow up grooms here-this was strictly classy and not rowdy at all but definitely tonnes of fun!

Last weekend proved to be another Cupcake marathon with 6 gigs in 4 days! A wedding in Quarriers Village which was soooooo pretty! You should've seen the cake table!! OH MY!!! Calorific! Then the following day it was a bright and early start at Dance Show Live at the SECC where 7 Cupcakes, including yummy mummies Kelly and Katrina who made their come back after mat leave, performed 2 mega sets! What a way to start back......... at a HUGE convention! Heehee! Deep end and all that!
with Jordan and Perri of Diversity at Dance Show Live 

Photo by Alan Duncan
Cupcakes Linzi, Katrina and Julieann then hotfooted it to Kirkintilloch Canal Festival to perform at the stunning Marina area! Our favourite compere, Greg Summers was ensuring  everything ran smoothly and as always was the master in plugging our website and our charity efforts!
 He's so good at what he does and such a great guy! Always enjoy working with him!
Photo by Alan Falconer

Sunday it was Cupcakes Kelly, Lynne and my turn to perform at the Canal Festival. The sun was out and so was the whole of Kirki! Mega packed throughout the town and what lovely audiences we had! Think this was our 4th year at the festival and it's always a joy!

A quick dash to Sainsbury's for a salad and then all 8 Cupcakes met at the Glasgow Hilton to lead a Cupcake Dance Class at The STV APPEAL DANCE MARATHON 2013. As the appeal is one of chosen charities ( and we had so much fun at last year's marathon) we were thrilled to be invited to lead a session by YDance who were organizing all the tutors. Our class was packed and celebs Des McLean, Sanjeev Kohli, Stephen Purdon and John Michie were great sports and were quick to learn our 'In the Mood' routine! Lots of banter and giggles afterwards ensued and everyone seemed really inspired by the class! Job done!

Here's just some footage from this weekend

Lastly on Monday, Cupcakes Katrina, Julieann and myself visited a care home in Motherwell for sufferers of Alzheimer's. We performed, had a sing-song and a blether! We had tears of joy and we were reminded once again how wonderful our job is! Amazing!

Amid all the gigging madness, Cupcakes Emma, Linzi and I had a night off and were honoured to be invited by the extremely talented boys of The Jive Aces to come along to a gig in Moodiesburn! WOW, we knew they were fab but hearing and seeing them live was something else! They are such showmen and true professionals. What a show they out on! We were delighted they took the time to come over and chat-such lovely, down-to-earth guys. I got a little surprise from them to.....pulled up on stage to be 'Marie'. No I was not planted and no I didn't have a clue! All good fun and went down well! See it here!

So, that'll be us slowing down now...NOT!!!!!!!!! September and October are already gearing up to be mental crazy busy months....just how we like it!

Lis xxxxx

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