Friday, 17 May 2013

Post Show Blues Make Me Smile

Cupcake Lisa here!

So our Charity Pin Up Postcard images have went LIVE this week & so far, the response has been fabulous! So much love & support & the press interest has been phenomenal! We're super excited to start selling the postcards & hopefully raise loads for our 2 chosen charities, ERSKINE & The STV Appeal!

After our lovely reveal evening last Saturday at Autumn Leaf Studios, I awoke on the Sunday with a heavy heart. What a wonderful get together it was, with over 50 guests, in this stunning venue, celebrating 4 years of Cupcake fun! PERFECT! I can only liken the feeling to the post-show blues that, since I was little, I have been prone to getting after a performance or a big event. Even as a flower girl at a wedding when I was 5, I was struck down by this horrible sadness that it was all over. What can I say....I've always loved a show!! With over 55 Cupcakes gigs last year alone, I thankfully haven't suffered this gloominess with every performance but something about last Saturday's event made me feel something.

With any event you plan so much goes into the smallest of details. The who's, what's, where's & ifs are deliberated over & fine tuned to ensure it all goes swimmingly. For us, we wanted our guests to have a lovely evening-to feel at ease & relaxed & enjoy our performance, the reveal of the photos & everything else we had in store. But in addition, I personally wanted to ensure the Cupcake girls had fun & that photographers Stevie & Matt & the Autumn Leaf Studios staff felt that it was all worthwhile. All the hard work from everyone needed a huge thank you from me & this evening was it! It was also, of course, with all of their help, that the night was able to go ahead. The support throughout was just phenomenal.

It was such a buzz to look around the room & see all our friends, family & supporters together, enjoying an evening with us, being happy for us & everything we've achieved. Everyone had a fabulous time & the response to the photos & the preview of our Up Next Studios documentary was overwhelming. The atmosphere was just perfect & the evening flowed beautifully. I sighed a hint of relief when I stepped down from my perch, as the 6 page speech was finally over....& nobody had fallen asleep.

Anyone who puts their heart & soul into creating something will say that they get such a thrill in doing so but that it's other people's enjoyment of your creation that adds that touch of sparkle! The Kennedy Cupcakes have always aimed to bring smiles to the faces of all our audiences & to see my Cupcakes beam as they saw their photos for the first time & to see Stevie & Matt's reaction to everyone's praise & delight...well, that was the icing on the 4th birthday CUPcake for me!

The Kennedy Cupcakes is my baby. Immensely proud & sometimes over protective, it's my job to make sure that we are always true to ourselves & be the best we can be. Last Sunday's post show blues just reminds me of how much I care & that I still have the passion for what I do! And that's all I need to know!

Over & out,

Cupcake Lisa x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Our Secret's Out!!!!!!!!

Well our naughty little secret's out.....and we're THRILLED!! Been so difficult to keep schtum but finally we can tell all!!!

To celebrate 4 fabulous years of The Kennedy Cupcakes, we are thrilled to announce that we have, once again, teamed up Autumn Leaf Studios, Hamilton in a very exciting charity project, creating a stunning CUPCAKE CHARITY PIN UP POSTCARD COLLECTION!!!!!!

It was at the end of our last shoot in January, with talented photographers, Stevie Weir & Matt Hird, that Stevie said “So what are we doing next?”. Knowing me, I had an idea poised and ready for him. As a troupe, we’d often spoke of producing something for charity to mark our 4th birthday and had dreamt of doing a pin up postcard collection. Amazingly Stevie and Matt were on board to make that dream come true and 3 weeks ago all 9 Cupcakes descended on Autumn Leaf Studios once again, including the beautiful Evette who flew in from Paris especially!

Behind the scenes, this shoot took 3 months to plan, with us all brainstorming on a secret Facebook page…swapping ideas, discussing outfits, backdrop colours, props, themes…you name it! Stevie and Matt were no doubt demented with the influx of posts each day from all 9 Cupcakes nattering about hot pants, corsets and such like but they once again supported us throughout and went to great lengths to have everything in place for us. So much so, that Stevie built a crate for Evette to sit on. Above and beyond the call of duty!!

The shoot itself was such a great day and we all had so much fun. The usual Cupcake banter and antics ensued and we all really enjoyed the process. This time it was a 10 hour stint and Stevie and Matt worked flat out all day to make sure they had the shots just perfect, super supportive throughout, putting us all at ease.

The wonderful images created will make up a collection of postcards that will go on sale in the next few weeks, in support of our chosen charities. For 2013, we’ve selected two charities to donate to: ERSKINE, the veterans charity who have been looking after our ex-Service men and women in Scotland for almost 100 years & The STV Appeal, who help children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland.

I had the extremely, almost impossible task of selecting THE image for each Cupcake (Stevie had kindly narrowed it down to 5 per girl first!). I mean it isn’t hard to take a good photo of the gorgeous Cupcake girls but Stevie and Matt turned us in to Pin Ups and we couldn’t have asked for anything more wonderful! Their photography is world class and we are extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such lovely, friendly and super talented photographers!

We were also very lucky to have an amazing make up and hair styling team on board. Ariana Marcantonia aka Vanity Thrills and make up artist Justyna were nothing short of brilliant on the day. They are both masters of their craft and had us all looking and feeling stunning! We can’t thank these talented ladies enough for all their help.

So, without further are the photographs! Details of how to purchase the collection in support of both worthy causes will be available the meantime....enjoy x

Lisa x