Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane??

It has come to our attention that life here in Cupcake Land is filled with perks. Awesome friendships, meeting new people, travel, performing at wonderful really is swell! 

But recently we have begun to wonder if in fact, being a Kennedy Cupcake comes with a superpower that all 9 of us possess & spark the second we don the outfit & red lippy. 

Seemingly closed carparks instantly open; barriers lift on request; traffic cones  swiftly shift & we find ourselves not confined or delayed by such things that when in civvies would present a problem. 
Carpark attendants, as we pull up at an event, find themselves compelled to let us through....and happily they do! The Cupcake Superpower takes hold & no 'NO ENTRY' or 'NO PARKING' sign is a barricade. 

Lost car keys, which at every gig according to Boss Cupcake Lisa 'are totally lost...never to be found!!!" miraculously reappear in the suitscase! It's remarkable!! 

The unsuspecting public who come in to contact with The Kennedy Cupcakes can't escape the Cupcake Superpower. They are drawn in by it's magnetism & find themselves being thoroughly entertained by show stoppin' routines & award winning smiles & stage presence. They enjoy themselves immensely & their lives are changed forever by it! It really is astounding! 

 But where does this Cupcake superpower lie? Is it in a Victory Roll? A perfectly shaped eyebrow?  Puckered pillar box red lips? Who can tell?!! Clark Kent ain't got nowt on this! No one really knows where the Cupcake superpower resides but when it takes hold there's nothing you can do but, dare I say it, smile & feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside! Cupcakeyness right there folks!

We, of course, never abuse our superpower & take the responsibility of having it seriously! When people are compelled to give us freebies, like cupcakes, we know it's the superpower taking hold & are respectful of it's ability to bowl people over! It, like any superpower, can have it's drawbacks. I mean, all that smiling from having so much fun can really hurt your cheeks!! It's truly awful.... I'm sure you'll sympathise! 

So we leave you now with a PUBLIC ADVICE NOTICE.

If you find yourself in the presence of these delectable darlings of the stage  & feel the superpower take not afraid...go with it, enjoy it, in fact, have a bloomin' marvellous time. Open that carpark, lift that barrier, hand over those're in good company, it's The Kennedy Cupcakes!!!