Tuesday, 26 August 2014

That Crazy-Mental-Busy Week!!

   I feel like every time I sit down to write a blog entry I'm apologising for the delay in a new post but I'm gonna stop saying sorry!! I'm glad to report that the ample time between posts is purely down to how busy we are, which is awesome....thus why I'm not going to plead for forgiveness each time there's a gap. After all, it means each post has far more info, pics & back stage antics crammed in! Result!
      It has however.....been ONE YEAR since my last post! Ooooops! So let's just pick up from when we started our crazy busy 2014 Summer Gig-Fest! Recalling the last year's worth of gigging and usual antics would make for an extremely loooooooooong blog post!

      This summer has been one of the busiest times we've had since the troupe began. I mean, like UBER BUSY! We don't do things by halves here at Cupcake HQ so with Glasgow hosting The Commonwealth Games, we found ourselves booked up pretty quickly for the two weeks of sporting action and soon had 10 consecutive gigs logged in the diary! The amount of paperwork and pre-gig prep that each event required aint even worth mentioning (gee, it was a lot!) but it allowed us to enjoy the experience of performing at so many wonderful venues and awesome events without too much stress attached within a 9 day period.

         Day 1: Friday 25th July- Kelvingrove Bandstand- Vintage Themed Day

     Our first day of Gig-Fest was at the newly refurbished Kelvingrove Bandstand in Kelvingrove Park. Although we had visited it earlier in the summer when we performed at the Glasgow Mela, it was lovely to be back at this iconic venue on such a gorgeous sunny day. The 6am rise for the 7am train wasn't the most welcomed of starts but as soon as we all met up at Central Station we were ready for the day ahead. We performed to lots of smiley-happy peeps and were treated to a well-stock fridge and comfy dressing room backstage....Tunnocks tea cakes and cold drinks....we were sold! The Glasgow Life staff were just wonderful and went out their way to accommodate and make us feel at home.
    Cupcake Linzi and myself then chilled out in town all day, awaiting our evening performance with the amazing Jive Aces! We always have a blast performing with these guys and we thrilled to be invited to sing a few little ditties with them at Boteco do Brazil Glasgow. A packed bar, great atmosphere and performing with such talented guys made for a superb evening and a great end to day 1 of our gigathon!

Days 2 and 3: The Vintage Festival, Merchant City, Glasgow 

     Wayne Hemingway and wife Gerardine's (of Red or Dead fame) Vintage Festival descended on Merchant City for two days of music, dance, design and styling and we were thrilled to be invited back once again by The DollsHouse to entertain visitors to this action--packed event. In busking style, we set up our sound system on the street for passers by to enjoy impromptu performances throughout. Each time we danced we drew crowds of at least 50-100 people, of all walks of life, stopping to enjoy the spectacle and be treated to something from the Golden Era! It was such a great event! We met so many lovely people, as well as all our awesome friends and fans who'd made the effort to pop by to say hello.....and demand a performance (cheeky gets!)!! On the Saturday we must have performed at least 25 times and by the end of the day our      Cupcake bodies were goosed but it sure did make the day go quickly and we had a ball. 

We even got to play DJ for the day with the uber cool dudes of Charity Shop DJ. After browing down (browsing) through the collection, we naturally we went for some Old Skool (late 70s, early 80s tracks), being 80s babies, and dropped some beats by Boney M and The Jacksons! Those tracks were sick cuts (very good mixes) and Cupcake Emma was particularly bad-ass (good) on the decks! Clearly we are down with the kids! S'up!! Peace! 

Days 4, 7 and 8: Glasgow Life Tea Dances with That Swing Sensation 

We descended on 3 Glasgow Club venues throughout the city as part of the Festival 2014 programming by Glasgow Life for an afternoon of dancing, tea and cakes. We were joined by our friends, That Swing Sensation Big Band, who provided a plethora of waltzes, quicksteps and even the Slosh to keep any avid dancer busy. We led a fun Cupcake Stroll and performed a few of our 1940s inspired favourites which were received with rapturous applause and so many lovely comments. Fun was had by all and we enjoyed ourselves as always! These ladies kept us on our toes with an impromptu kick-line to 'New York New York'. 

Day 5: Festival 2014 Big Band Afternoon with That Swing Sensation at Glasgow Green 

      The weather had been super kind to us in our first 4 days of gigging so we had to expect a little rain as we headed to Glasgow Green on the Tuesday afternoon. It hadn't deterred the hoards of crowds that had frequented the Green each day during the games and soon the rain had dried up and  it was all systems go for an afternoon of dancing. A stunning Spiegeltent had been erected for the occasion which made for a very unique venue in our gigathon.  That Swing Sensation set up as we then panicked about the SUPER slippery dance floor. Years of use had made the wooden flooring ice-rink like and teamed with our character shoes (which have zero grip) we found ourselves stressing that each Cupcake would hit the deck on the first kick of the opening dance. The trusty stage manager (after running to get us cola to see if it would make our shoes more sticky....it didn't!) then Googled the problem and came to us with a roll of gaffa tape which his research had uncovered as a solution. And IT WORKED!!! We danced without fear the rest of the afternoon and showered him with thank yous and praise for being 'the best stage manager EVER!!'.  

More of Gig-Fest to follow.....

Lisa x

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